Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Sydney, NSW: On "World Quit Smoking Day" Monday, May 31, quit expert Timo Topp is calling for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of a free workshop to learn how to overcome the huge impact smoking has on both health and productivity.

A trainer and health coach for more than 20 years, Topp has helped dozens of people to stop smoking since recently refining his own quit system, which changes the desire to smoke into a desire to be a non-smoker. On May 31, he will address a private corporate health expo about his unique quit method.

‘Healthy employees are a lot more productive and engaged at work," Topp says. "Research conducted by Medibank Privates 2005 ‘State of the Australian Workforce’ concluded healthy employees are three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues. Smoking is the number one cause of poor health so giving up smoking is an important step towards better health and more productive employees."

Topp offers his educational workshops to corporations that want to improve workplace productivity and reduce losses to absenteeism and presenteeism (where employees are present but not working productively).

"Also smokers waste valuable company time taking unofficial breaks to go and smoke," he said. "Offering resources to encourage people to quit is an important step to improving workplace productivity."

According to the State of the Australian Work Force findings, unhealthy employees take an average of 18 sick days per year compared to 2 taken by their healthy colleagues.

Topp's workshops explain the mystery of why smokers continue to smoke when they know it is bad for them, why nicotine replacement methods such as patches and gum are not the most effective way to quit and what resources and approach are required to quit effectively. Visit and follow the link to book a free quit talk.

"A lot of my clients report they have lost the desire to smoke after one session with me," says Timo. ‘As long as they implement my recommendations they will stay a non-smoker."

Please email back or call 0413 007 051 if you would like to talk to Timo about smoking-related issues.

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