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18 November, 2015

Captivating the New Chinese Traveller

There’s a distinct climate of change in the burgeoning Chinese tourism market, and Gold Coast based company Global Tour Specialists is set to meet the challenge head on with new and unique inbound tourism opportunities, specifically designed for the new wave of discerning high end Chinese travellers.

Latest statistics show that in the year to August a record 953,200 Chinese tourists visited Australia.  If that trend continues, within the next 12-months, people from China will become this country’s top tourist group.

Global Tour Specialists (GTS) co-owner and CEO Tyler Wood says his company’s research shows there is a growing sophistication in the Chinese travel market.

“They’re looking for more from their Australian experience.”

“We want to provide the Chinese traveller with something that hasn’t been done before and won’t necessarily be a rush between typical tourist attractions.”

Wood says, “We understand that Chinese people want to pack a lot into their Australian visit, which is what we do, but with added panache and luxury – it’s an opportunity for them to comfortably enjoy a unique slice of Australia.”

GTS has sought advice and guidance from Rees International.  China expert Janene Rees has independently built strong Chinese relationships that have been crucial in increasing the Australian inbound tourism sector.

Tyler Wood says sister companies Bob Wood Cruise Group and Guides Australia have also been brought in as partners in the new Chinese focused project.

The involvement of Guides Australia is an exciting innovation when developing new products, according to Tyler Wood.

“Guides Australia was established several years ago to ensure inbound clients received the most memorable travel experience possible. It gives us direct control over the quality of guides we provide.”

“We do this with an extensive training programme guaranteeing our guides are the best in the industry.”

Wood says, “By using the Guides Australia training programme we are intent on having the first western trained Chinese tour guide service in Australia.”

Drawing on the resources and experience of Bob Wood Cruise Group was also a natural progression in creating these ‘first of their kind’ inbound Chinese tour products.

For more than a decade Bob Wood Cruise Group has been a leading provider of creative and innovative services to the international cruise industry, working with leading Australian tourism providers to create unforgettable shore based excursions and experiences.

“So it was only logical for us to tap into this resource to create our China specific products,” says Wood.

Itineraries for these unique bespoke travel experiences have been constructed focusing on three main themes which are Premium, Premium Women’s and Luxury.

There are three Chinese New Year Spring Festival departure dates for GTS’s Premium Women’s only packaged tours, plus two others at different times – each is named after famous female movies:

  • Scent of the Gold Coast & Byron Bay (2 x February departure dates)
  • There’s Something About Queensland ( 1 x February departure date)
  • Sisters in the City
  • Queen of the Desert

Along with standard industry marketing, the company has also adopted social media to reach the Chinese market.

Wood says around half of China’s population has now embraced platforms like WeChat and Weibo, which will be the ideal vehicles for delivering the new products to an increasingly forward thinking and rapidly developing marketplace.

He says identifying the changing demands of Chinese tourism consumers and being able to meet them head on is an exciting opportunity for Global Tour Specialists.

“The potential is huge and we now have a firm foundation establish to build upon further!”


For further information:

Kiri Braid, Sales & Business Development
E: [email protected]
P: 1800 724 803 (Australia)
    +61 421 980 282 (International)

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WeChat ID: Kiri-GTS


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Gold Coast based inbound tour operator Global Tour Specialists provides professional touring arrangements with cutting edge itineraries accross Australia, traditionally to the western market. GTS has enlisted the help of an Asian specialist to assist them as they offer unique women only tours to the new Chinese travellers. Utilising the strength of their sister companies Bob Wood Cruise Group and Guides Australia they can provide the complete package.

Kiri Braid
P: 1800 724 803
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