Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

The Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate for Queensland, Bernard Gaynor, says that the Defence Minister, Marise Payne, must dismiss Australian Defence Force imam, Mohammadu Nawas Saleem, if she is serious about national security in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Mohammadu Nawas Saleem is a key member of the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC). ANIC blamed the Paris terrorist attacks on ‘military intervention’ and it has also previously condemned the Australian government for providing military support to Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State.

ANIC also opposed laws outlawing the advocation of terrorism on the basis that they would infringe the free speech of Islamic preachers.

Mohammadu Nawas Saleem has also called for the implementation of Sharia law into the Australian court system and has defended Hizb ut Tahrir. Last year Hizb ut Tahrir stated that Muslims should not participate in Anzac Day as it represented an attack on the Islamic caliphate.

Mohammadu Nawas Saleem was appointed as the Australian Defence Force’s first imam in June this year and was given the task of providing advice to the military, so that it could increase recruitment from the Islamic community.

“Following the Paris terrorist attacks, it is clear that we are war with Islamist extremists living amongst us,” said Mr Gaynor. “The unfortunate truth is that Australia’s Islamic community has more of its sons fighting for the Islamic State than in the Australian Defence Force.”

“At a time like this we need clarity and we cannot afford to jeopardise national security, or the Australian Defence Force, by relaxing our vigilance. The patriotic Australians who put their lives on the line for this nation deserve to know that we will protect them.” 

“Mohammadu Nawas Saleem has views that many would find deeply concerning. They cannot be described as moderate. They are completely counter-productive inside a national security apparatus that is fighting Islamist extremism. His position is untenable.”

“If the Defence Minister will not remove Sheikh Saleem, it will send a message that it she is more concerned about being labelled Islamophobic than dealing with the Islamist threat.”

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