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A-Alert Personal Safety System


In a nutshell- the A-Alert Personal Safety System is an exciting new phone app which can revolutionise your life through the touch of your smartphone. Inspired by personal experiences and stories shared by others, the Australian owned and operated device will keep you safe and secure 24/7. Everyone from school children, community seniors, people with disabilities, as well as adventurers and active people in remote access locations can all benefit from using A-Alert.

This app has been designed to give you peace of mind and the safety you deserve! Multiple services are available to tailor your day-to-day living needs with no fuss, easy to manage strategies using a step-by-step process. If you live alone, spend time alone or undertake a variety of activities alone, then this device could save your life.

A bushwalk by A-Alert creator, Bill Rorke was the catalyst of the concept and from there Bill built a foolproof design.

"I was walking my dog in bushland and all of a sudden I thought, what if I was to have a heart attack right now? I'd be here for days, without anyone knowing. I had my phone with me but at the end of the day if I can't use it when I'm in trouble, it's worthless," Rorke said.

"It made me think more of other people's circumstances, like surfers that get into danger in remote spots, security for women getting off a bus late at night or pensioners living by themselves. Keeping pets safe in an unexpected absence of their owner could also be of benefit. It was a no-brainer. Something like this needed to be designed. I just wish I thought of it years ago."

The high-tech Alert System has an Emergency SOS Alert button, which dials 000 instantly when in trouble.

A-Alert is more than just peace of mind for yourself. The support group alert and help family and friends stress less and lower anxiety or worry about loved ones suffering a medical emergency with no one there to provide immediate assistance. 

A-Alert Personal Safety System has automated billing, so there's no surprise fees- just one set payment to ensure your safety and give you peace of mind. Start living your best life with care and the latest technology on the market with A-Alert.

Call 1300 351 503.

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The A-Alert Personal Safety System is designed to accommodate your lifestyle, with the Quickset Alerts feature giving you the flexibility to set one-off timers which will check on you and notify your support group if you fail to deactivate the alert. Aside from being a great safety net, they’re also great for time management. Quickset Alerts help you think in terms of how long a task might take you, and start to show you how long it really took. Before you know it, you may have found the extra time in the day you’ve been complaining you didn’t have! 

A-Alert also provides an Emergency SOS 000 Alert feature, with a 000 button featured on the home screen to ensure you can access emergency services when your life or that of another is in immediate danger.

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