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As people worked from home during COVID, more pets were rescued, and pets got a lot more attention. Suddenly, pet owners were more aware of that ‘strange behaviour’ and worried about separation anxiety when they returned to work.

Many people also got back into the kitchen, with ‘grandma recipes’. Now, with the launch of Australia’s first health jellies for dogs, pet parents could be making a vet-formulated ‘feel-good recipe’ to combat their dogs’ separation anxiety, or other chronic conditions.

“During the COVID lockdown, we decided to adapt a nutraceutical project we’d been working on,” says Bestie Kitchen founder Amanda Falconer. “Using the formulations our vet had developed, we created a jelly mix people could add water to and set at home. They’re just like the Aeroplane jellies we loved as kids, but for dogs. And healthier.”

The jellies target anxiety as well as other common, chronic conditions like cognitive decline, immune system stress, stinky breath (halitosis) and more. The formulations were developed by a nationally recognised holistic vet and are based on peer-reviewed science.

Sydney dog owner Clare says her moodle Molly has been anxious for ages. She was even more hyper as Clare tried to work from home for her busy advertising agency.

“The OM jellies were super easy to make and definitely helped keep her calmer in a time of change, with a new puppy next door and working from home.”

  • A survey by dog sitter site Rover found that the majority of dog owners (58%) are concerned about their dogs experiencing separation anxiety when they return to work, and 63% are pretty sure their dogs will experience it once they start leaving home more again.
  • To make the jellies, pet parents simply add water to the mix, stir it, and pop it into the fridge to set. The daily jelly is dropped into the meal or fed on its own. No more shoving a pill down a dog’s throat!
  • bestie health jellies are made In Newcastle, using primarily Australian ingredients, that are natural or naturally derived. Unlike other products, they contain no synthetic vitamins or fake animal flavourings.

More info is available here.


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Bestie Kitchen

Bestie Kitchen is a dietary supplement company for healthier dogs and cats, based in Newcastle. We believe that a good diet and exercise are the bedrock of good mental and physical health – for pets and people. So we’re on a mission to change the way people feed and care for their pets: from ultra-processed food from a bag, to natural and minimally processed – with lots of physical and mental enrichment. After all, they deserve it, just as we do!

Amanda Falconer
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