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01 July 2020, Brisbane, Australia—Qlicksmart Pty Ltd announced today the launch of their ground-breaking Digital Platform for sharps safety management.

18,000 nurses and healthcare professionals are affected by sharps injuries every year, with many occurring in Operating Theatres. Sharps injuries are a significant occupational risk for hospital workers as they can lead to the transmission of bloodborne infections such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

The Qlicksmart Digital Platform provides tools for each stage of sharps safety implementation, empowering hospitals to reduce the risk of sharps injuries.

The available tools cover how to evaluate sharps safety devices, an Interactive Training App for product training, sharps safety education resources, and how to assess the success of a facility’s implementation plan.

Qlicksmart co-founder and emergency physician, Dr. Michael Sinnott, sees the Digital Platform as a way to make safety policy more accessible in hospitals.

“Safety engineered devices are proven to reduce sharps injuries, but the time and resources traditionally required to evaluate products or train staff can be a deterrent to safety improvements.

We wanted to provide a platform where hospitals from the city or remote areas can access the quality training and evaluation tools they need to make the best decisions for their staff.”

Qlicksmart collaborated with Monash University’s Design Health Collab for the development of the Interactive Training App, which is a key aspect of the Digital Platform.

Professor Daphne Flynn, Director of Monash Health Collab, and Eden Potter, Senior Research Officer, provided their insights on how the project will support healthcare workers.

“With the training and test being app-based, health care workers can be educated on how to correctly use BladeCASSETTE [Qlicksmart device] in their own time, place, and pace. In these current times with the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no need for groups of people to gather together for training.”

Federal funding was provided for the development of the Interactive Training App through the Innovations Connections Grant facilitated by the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technology.

The launch event for the Qlicksmart Digital Platform will be conducted at the Cohort Innovation Space at Gold Coast on Friday 3rd of  July at 12:30pm. Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews is confirmed to speak. The event will be livestreamed on Qlicksmart’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/qlicksmartandbesafe.

About Qlicksmart:

Qlicksmart Pty Ltd is an ISO 13485:2016-accredited R&D and manufacturing company committed to making healthcare professional’s lives easier and safer, so that they can focus on patient care. Established in 1999 by Australian medical doctors, our award-winning safety devices are used in over 50 countries worldwide. Qlicksmart works with innovators from the healthcare sector to deliver solutions which target the overlooked concerns of nurses, surgeons, and healthcare facilities. To learn more about Qlicksmart, visit www.qlicksmart.com.


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Qlicksmart specialises in inventing and producing safety-engineered devices to improve staff and patient safety in healthcare settings. Our products are recognised around the world as the standard in safety. They are simple to use to make safety compliance a practical reality for everybody.

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World leader in sharps safety from Brisbane innovates new way to educate scalpel blade users




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