Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Australian crime-fighting innovator DNA Security Solutions has welcomed the announcement by South Australian Premier Steven Marshall that the '4 square metre' rule and other  restrictions will be relaxed to enable more pubs and clubs to open for business, at a time of high consumer demand.

More than 600 pubs, clubs, convenience stores and pharmacies around Australia and New Zealand use the company's DNA Guardian criminal marking technology as a deterrent to walk-in thieves, whether in broad daylight or break-and-enter after hours. In  a personal video message to her customers, DNASS founder Tania Jolley (pictured demonstrating the marking solution under UV light) said that the opening meant a lot to her business.

"We can all be proud and happy of the team effort that has resulted in no community spread of the COVID-19 virus in South Australia," Tania said. "I'm very happy for the pubs and clubs, their staff and for all the patrons who have been isolated during this challenging time."

Ms Jolley said that venues affected by the COVID-19 closures now had to be vigilant for an anticipated surge in criminal activity as the state opens up. Business enquiries for its criminal marking technology are on the increase, and the introduction of protective face masks has highlighted issues with CCTV camera evidence.

DNA Guardian technology uses a patented solution to mark the criminal exactly to the scene and time of the crime. The system can be triggered by a staff member or by an existing alarm system. It operates silently and invisibly, so the criminal does not know he or she has been tagged.

Please see Tania's video below for more details. DNA's Customer Hotline is 1300 667 688.  

About DNA Security Solutions

Established in 2007, DNA Security Solutions is an innovative Australian company that provides DNA marking technology to protect businesses and families from the emotional, financial and long-term costs associated with robberies, burglaries and other crimes

DNASS protects hundreds of businesses in Australia and New Zealand and is now introducing its patented crime-deterrence and identification expertise in North America.


Technology Background

To deter criminals, businesses use multiple layers of security devices and technologies. Electronic tagging, CCTV, facial recognition technology, security guards, store design, locks and barriers each provide a level of defence. Well-lit surrounds, staff training, customer service and having no cash on premises are other measures, but still criminal activity is on the rise. There is one key deterrent missing – a defence system that provides direct, physical forensic evidence to link the criminal to the crime.

DNA Guardian is an award-winning criminal marking technology. It is installed as a wireless security system, triggered by staff or existing alarm system. It operates without a sound, so the criminal does not even know they have been tagged. It’s safe, non-toxic and invisible, made from 99.9% purified water, a fluorescent vegetable dye and a unique synthetic DNA code.

Until DNA Guardian, police have relied on a criminal’s DNA detection at the crime scene; blood, cigarette butt, chewing gum, fingerprints. Locating and identifying human DNA is difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Criminals know to hide behind hoodies, hats or face coverings, concealing their identity from being identified by CCTV cameras or facial recognition. Blending forensic science with advanced electronic technologies, DNA Guardian sprays a unique, synthetic DNA solution onto criminals as they leave a building. Each solution is unique to your business - like a fingerprint - colourless, odourless, nontoxic and invisible to the naked eye. The solution can stay on skin for up to six weeks and remain on goods and weapons for years, irrefutably providing a connection to the crime scene.




Pubs, clubs, convenience stores and pharmacies around Australia and New Zealand use the company's DNA Guardian criminal marking technology as a criminal deterrent.


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