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Debt collection and cash flow has long been a significant risk and failure point for business owners - even for otherwise profitable operations. Which means, solving this problem presents a major opportunity to build more resilient businesses.

Since 2015, ezyCollect has helped 1000+ businesses across 24 countries collect $1.7bn in payments faster, by automating the accounts receivable monitoring and management process. Integrating with your accounting and ERP software, it is a system purpose-built to recover money faster and easier.

The good news is that ezyCollect will now, for the first time, be available for SAP Business One customers as a direct integration. 

Inecom, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Business One specialist, has been working closely with ezyCollect and SAP to finalise the new integration which is now in testing and due for release next month. 

Inecom Director Simon Bishop is looking forward to bringing this opportunity to his clients. 

“Having implemented SAP Business One for over 15 years, and also rolled out ezyCollect for many clients, it makes perfect sense for these two proven platforms to come together.”

“We’ve seen exceptional results from ezyCollect. Almost immediately our clients shorten their payment cycles which generates real cash into their businesses. It’s a significant new feature that any client with overdue invoices should take a good look at. We can’t wait to bring this opportunity to our SAP Business One clients.”

Graham Bowers, ezyCollect’s Partner Business Development Manager explains that the results of the system speak for themselves.

“Let’s say you have $1M worth of 30-day invoices in the market, but half those become overdue up to 60 days, then pretty soon you become the ‘bank’ to your customers to the tune of $1.5M in cash. Cash that could otherwise be crucial for investments or working capital.” 

“The majority of our customers see at least an 11-day reduction in late payments as soon as they switch on ezyCollect. Not only is this a significant and instant cash flow improvement, they spend less time chasing money. The automated process has been tested and proven since 2015.”

Andre Pienaar, Head of SAP Business One & Business ByDesign across Australia, New Zealand & Oceania, is also right behind this new integration. 

“SAP was delighted to assist Inecom and ezyCollect with this project as we know that our end users are demanding advanced cash flow and debt management capability. With this now in place, all SAP Business One partners can better assist their customers to run more resilient businesses.”

By automating the age-old fundamentals of debt collection - clear communication, dogged persistence, frictionless payment, timely reminders and follow ups - ezyCollect takes the grunt work out of accounts receivable to make sure your business is the squeaky wheel that gets priority payment.

ezyCollect is ideal for businesses that offer credit or payment terms such as service providers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. The solution is especially valuable for organisations that send a high volume of invoices and invest a lot of time managing collections manually. 

For those clients it will improve cash flow, save time by automating processes, and deliver quality data for decision making - including alerts and third party credit insights on clients who are potential payment risks.

Your core ERP system remains the single source of truth in terms of secure data, business rules and customer information. ezyCollect sits on top to proactively automate and manage your collections process through a combination of emails, text messages and human intervention at critical points.

If you’d like to better understand the benefits of ezyCollect for cash flow management and how it integrates into SAP Business One, talk to Inecom or get in touch for more information or to arrange a no obligation demonstration.






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