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Australian Sock Company, STANDARD Sock Co has released The Most Sustainable Snow Sock on the planet. Two years in the making, the project was headed up by Nicola Rennie, a mum of 3 from South of Sydney. Nicola and Standard set out to make a sustainable, technical ski and snowboarding sock. Owned and designed in Australia, the new Winter collection will keep you warm on the mountain while reducing our harm to the planet.  


STANDARD partners and staff are active skiers & snowboarders and have become more and more concerned about the future of our planet. We know that our passion is contributing to the demise of winter globally, so we wanted to do something about that. 


The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world, beaten only by the oil industry. Every 10 minutes 6000kgs of textile waste goes to landfill in Australia alone, and it takes 2,7000 litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt.


The STANDARD Winter Collection, manufactured with the guiding principles of reducing, recycling, reusing. 


STANDARD will continue to roll out our delicate blend of sustainability and performance into our crew and day to day sock collections.  


We will focus on closing the production loop on what we are making by using new and innovate yarns that address the climate crisis by diverting landfill to apparel factories. 


We have partnered with 1% for the Planet to ensure we are continually investing into environmental solutions.


STANDARD snow socks are manufactured using unique yarns produced in Spain by Hilaturas Ferre, with 70 years of experience in recycling the textile waste they are considered market innovators. We made our winter socks in Portugal.


THE WOODS SNOW SOCK: Made using Recover R3: a super soft tri-blend of upcycled cotton, RPET bottles and Tencel. Tencel is a botanical cellulose fibre made from sustainably grown trees. Widely considered the most environmentally sustainable yarn on the planet, the lyocell fibre is manufactured using low environmental impact solvent spinning processes that recycle its water. We then reuse the water at a recovery rate of more than 99% for future manufacturing, setting our socks apart from other considered sustainable botanical yarns like Bamboo, which is in fact, heavily doused in toxic chemicals that then go straight down the drain. The STANDARD Recover blended technical blend has moisture-wicking, temperature control, enhanced breathability and antibacterial properties.  


THE FLOCK SNOW SOCK: Made using Recover Wool: A new yarn made using an upcycled blend of post-industrial wool cutting scraps, recycled PET bottles and nylon, designed for maximum strength and softness. All of the qualities that you would expect from a technical wool-blend sock, but sustainable.


If you would like to know more about our socks or to receive a trial pair, please contact me Nicola Rennie for comment at [email protected] or visit www.standardsockco.com.



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