Thursday, November 12th, 2015

The Brand New Report by IDTechEx Research "Advanced and Post Lithium-Ion Batteries 2016-2026: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts" Sees New Battery Technologies Disrupting Global Market

BOSTON, MA - (Marketwired, Nov 11, 2015) - Although lithium-ion is the best battery technology we have ever seen, it will not achieve transformative factors of five in cost and performance due to inherent material limitations. Therefore, a new generation of battery technologies will be required in order to address the existing and future challenges of the increasingly complex energy systems in our society. Better batteries will be essential not only in electric cars and consumer electronics but also in wearable electronics, electric boats and aircraft, and throughout the built environment.

The brand new report from IDTechEx Research, "Advanced and Post Lithium-ion Batteries 2016-2026: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts," focuses on a variety of new advanced and post lithium-ion battery technologies: silicon anode, solid state, sulphur, lithium air, sodium-ion and magnesium batteries.

Whilst existing battery technologies such as lead acid and lithium-ion batteries will dominate the battery market in the following 10 years, advanced and post lithium-ion batteries can potentially take a considerable dent of about 10% of the whole battery market, accounting for $14 billion by 2026. This is mostly because some of them are already in use in niche segments that will present high growth in the following 10 years.

A performance benchmark is presented in the report based on practical results achieved so far from different organisations from start-ups, established companies and research organisations.

In the report IDTechEx Research analyses challenges and commercial strategies by the companies developing them and provide a 10 year market forecast for 2016-2026. We provide company profiles of the key companies involved in the development and commercialisation of these technologies. Our coverage is global including activities from the US to Asia.

IDTechEx builds upon its 15 years experience in analysing 45 electric vehicle segments, the future of electronic devices and emerging energy storage technologies in order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of development of these technologies and its market potential. Carrying out direct interviews with key organisations and attending conferences around the world allows a unique perspective.

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IDTechEx Research: Advanced Post Lithium-Ion Batteries Will Reach $14bn by 2026



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