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Filling prescriptions for medical cannabis was not a straightforward process due to irregular prices between producers, confusion over state government compliance requirements, paper-based ordering systems from multiple suppliers around the country and limited educational resources. But all of that is about to change.

CanView is Australia’s first online marketplace which has been specifically designed to streamline the Medical Cannabis ordering system for pharmacists allowing them to drastically reduce time and paperwork and delivery costs.

Broadbeach Waters Pharmacy Pharmacist Rene Ratilainen was one of the first to experience the marketplace and was impressed with the capabilities.


“The marketplace is a one stop shop, which makes the whole process for ordering medical cannabis easy,” Ms Ratilainen said.

“The detailed product information is one of the best features as it’s all in the one place. We often have customers ask us what is in a product, the dosage etc and it’s fantastic that all the information is available on the marketplace.

“Previously we were contacting each producer to access the information or set up multiple accounts but now we don’t have to which saves us a lot of time.”

CanView’s General Manager Rachael Cooney said at the end of the day they wanted to help make the ordering process easier for pharmacists.

“After several years of being immersed in the import and wholesale of Medical Cannabis in Australia, the team was able to gain valuable insights on how pharmacists were navigating the access pathways,” Ms Cooney said.

“We found there was limited transparency from suppliers on product availability and pricing as well as having no way for pharmacists to compare between similar products.

“As the industry has grown, the number of suppliers has grown as well, meaning pharmacists were having to manage multiple accounts and order from multiple locations, all with different layouts and processes.

“By working closely with our national network of pharmacies, we’ve been able to design and build CanView to solve each one of those concerns and allow them to save valuable time and better serve their customers.”

CanView is not only an ordering platform for pharmacists but provides them with current information on regulations and legislation and general information as well as educational resources surrounding the access and use of medical cannabis.

“There is too much confusing and contradictory information for pharmacists, different dosing guidelines, different ways of presenting product information and various interpretations of the rules,” Ms Cooney said.

“We aim to cut through all of the misinformation to provide a clear understanding of the access pathways and costs associated for all people.”

CanView is a free resource for pharmacists as the company that developed the site, CDA Health, felt they shouldn’t need to pay for these services to enable them to utilize medical cannabis in the most efficient, safest and cost effective way possible.

Pharmacists across Australia and can access CanView by registering at to experience a superior way of ordering Medical Cannabis.

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CanView Pharmacy Facts (for media use)


  • Order and fulfill all Medical Cannabis orders from one online platform with one account
  • After a new patient order is placed, the Pharmacist will no longer have to upload documentation each time
  • Currently selling over 40 different Medical Cannabis products on the platform
  • Already established sales channel with 1000’s of products being sold monthly
  • View and compare the widest range of products and pricing in Australia
  • Simple and intuitive order process with all compliance requirements built-in
  • Express, tracked and secure shipping
  • Extensive education and resource library
  • Up to date industry announcements and legislation change notifications
  • Stock levels are updated and sent out via a weekly email report


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Image 4


Game Changer: Broadbeach Pharmacy Pharmacist Rene Ratilainen was be one of the first pharmacists to use CanView and has already started to show other pharmacists how to use it.


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User Friendly: CanView General Manager Rachael Cooney launches the first Australian Medical Cannabis Online Marketplace revolutionising the way pharmacists can order the vital medicines for their customers. 


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