Friday, November 13th, 2015

"The North Sydney Electorate is on its way to being like Shanghai as houses with backyards are replaced with highrise”

Australian icon Dick Smith AC has backed the Sustainable Population Party candidate William Bourke in the North Sydney by-election to be held on 5 December.

“I am backing William Bourke in this by-election," said Mr Smith. “My kids were born at the Royal North Shore Hospital and I admire the way William is standing up to oppose the sell-off of land around the hospital.

“That land should be preserved for patient care and a better hospital, not flogged off for quick economic gain.

“I have also seen the overdevelopment and overcrowding that is occurring right across the North Sydney electorate, and it is threatening the quality of life in this beautiful part of Sydney.

“Most politicians preach the perpetual growth agenda when common sense alone shows us this is impossible in a finite world. The North Sydney Electorate is on its way to being like Shanghai as houses with backyards are replaced with highrise.

“Let’s have free range kids – not battery ones jammed into termite mound accommodation because ridiculous population growth results in house prices that are unaffordable to other than the very wealthy.

“I know that the result in this by-election isn’t going to change the government. That is why it is a perfect opportunity to send Malcolm Turnbull a message that the residents of North Sydney know that never ending growth is impossible.”

Dick Smith is a long-time advocate for a sustainable population policy in Australia.

“It doesn’t matter which problem you pick - traffic congestion, hospital waiting lists, overcrowded schools, housing unaffordability, overdevelopment and the fracking of our beautiful farm land – rapid population growth is the key factor in all of them.

“We can have a fantastic country without perpetual growth.

“This by-election is a golden opportunity to tell the government to slow down and focus on preserving our quality of life.

“A vote for William Bourke and the Sustainable Population Party is a great way to send the government a message that we want an Australia that is better, not bigger,” said Mr Smith.

Photo of William Bourke and Dick Smith at Royal North Shore Hospital


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