Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
1. Quitober is Australia’s ONLY month-long quit smoking initiative.

A positive awareness campaign-month, kick-starts staff smokers to quit smoking. Two similar type awareness campaigns run in Canada with over 46,000 smokers participating this years. (Quitober coincides with Safe Work Australia Week 24-30 October.)

2. Desmond Sherlock created the Quitober Challenge as a positive adjunct to Quit’s negative effects campaign.

With so much negative information on the down side of smoking, banns, and general inefficiencies of smoking in the workplace, Sherlock thought it was time to redress the imbalance with a much more positive approach for employers to support their staff smokers to quit.

3. Last year’s pilot launch included 4 Australian universities (including the University of Sydney).

The pilot was well-received and proved the model that employers were willing to sponsor their staff to quit for $31 per smoker ($1 per day).

Warrick Bennett, University of Canberra:
"Quitober was a great initiative and a low cost way of providing University of Canberra staff the opportunity to quit smoking. Keep up the good work".

4. This year’s Quitober Challenge has expanded to include all University Staff and Australian workers generally.

All Australian employers are invited to participate & sponsor their staff smokers to quit. Unsponsored smokers can also participate for free but miss out on the info pack and a chance to win incentive prizes.

5. What is different and why Quitober works (or is better)?

(a) Daily newsletter and forum, incentive prizes and a Quitober Info Pack
(b) Quitting together, in a group,(in the workplace and via forum) gaining strength from each other.
(c) Cool and quirky with a simple call to action – better than a fuddy-duddy, same old, over done and expensive fear campaign.
(d) Incorporating a simple and balanced smoking cessation approach called Positively Quit!
The manual is a brief, easy to read, 60 pages, that dispels the myths on what works & doesn’t work when quitting.

Resources Quitober Challenge site Positively Quit! Manual Australasian University Safety Association Safe Work Australia Week 2010 Ontario Driven To Quit

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The Quitober Challenge

Our Mission Statement
We believe that empowerment comes through awareness. That awareness
comes through investigating all sides and revealing conflicting interests. The Quitober Challenge is a positive awareness campaign month that empowers smokers to quit in the workplace.

The Inspiration
As a non-smoker I was concerned at seeing the same old TV advertisements trying to scare smokers with dramatic and negative emotive scenes but very little in the area of posative support other than a number to call someone or a link to their website brochure.

I thought that there must be a more positive, focused and supportive way to help smokers quit using the internet and social networks. Campaign-months like Movember, Dryjuly and Febfast inspired me along with quit smoking challenges run in Ontario and Quebec, Canada with 46,000 smoking members this year. The Quitober Challenge is a mashup of all of these movements.

Together We Quit & Win...
By creating a groundswell of smokers quitting together, they can gain strength from each other, in the same way that they started smoking.
Having no ties or funding from the government, pharmaceutical companies and no call centre we can be straight with smokers. ie. Most ex-smokers quit unassisted, without counselling or nicotine replacements. All they need is awareness, the desire and a date.

Desmond Sherlock
P: +61417712601


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