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Search engine optimization is a very competitive and ever-changing landscape which mandates the marketers to adapt quickly. Google updates its algorithm all around the year. In fact, Google admitted via twitter that they make at least one change in a single day. It is quite difficult to keep up with the changes but keeping your traffic consistent and improving the traffic is essential as well.  The SEO will continue to change as long as the consumer behavior keeps changing.

Lately, Google has made a few changes in a way how the marketers optimize the content for SEO. Now the mobile traffic is a lot more important as compared to the desktop. So it’s essential for the marketers to change their perspective and optimize the content for the mobile traffic. There was a report by Zenith Media which showed that the mobile traffic accounted for 79% of all Internet traffic towards the end of 2019.

Google has made it clear that the mobile traffic is dominating the search engine, so if your website is not optimized for cell phones, you can see a significant drop in your search engine rankings and traffic. The speed of your page optimized for a mobile matters a lot as well.

Usually the mobile pages take three times to load as compared to the speed of desktop’s webpage. If the mobile page loading speed is low, it’ll affect the traffic on your website. Heavy CTAs and bigger images are not recommended since they slow down the website. Mobile UX and speed are crucial to success in SEO right now.

SERPs have now a lot of new elements, for example: answer boxes and FAQs regarding the topic which a user searches for. There is a rise in Voice Search Optimization as well. Now the users can search for anything and buy anything through the voice as there has been a rise in virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.  SERPs are changing fast and SERPs will continue to change over the next few years.

When a user makes a search, google is usually looking for the shortest path to seed spam-free websites. Google uses over 200 different factors to rank your website. We might see Google create its own content in the SERPs soon. Content is still very important but content just for the sake of creating content is not enough now. The content should be optimized for SEO to increase its ranking. A basic audit of your website should be conducted to see where you can work on it and improve it. Quality is more important than quantity.

There are many SEO companies and Consult 2 Manage is one of them. Consult 2 Manage is a digital growth agency based in Sydney that is proficient in optimization of businesses. C2M thinks that every business demands a modest and pleasant assistance to do its daily duties and online marketing. C2M offers a wide range of SEO services which include:


The speed of the webpage should be high. Google has made it clear that the websites which are still using HTTP would be considered as non-secure and be marked with a strong red warning. Even though it does not affect the rankings directly, this will eventually affect the bounce rate and the user experience which, in return, would affect the rankings.

Muhammad Ahmed, Senior Development Manager at C2M, stated “HTTPS is the major part of the security of the web.” It is not just google which is moving to HTTPS, most of the other competitors of Google are moving the same way.

There are approximately 600 algorithm changes by Google in a single year. On top of that there is so much competition in the search engine rankings.  Social media plays a major role in SEO, but it’s becoming difficult than before to stand out.

C2M provides the best services in optimizing the website mobile speed, either by introducing amplified mobile pages to it or converting it in to progressive web service App. The fast speed has a lot of impact on the search engine rankings. As keywords are important and their trends have been changed with time, so C2M uses a combination for keywords strategy which involves short and long tail key words to make the content unique and to make the website content more users friendly.

To learn more about Consult 2 Manage and learn about their mission and service you can visit their company profile at:

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Search engine optimization is a very competitive and ever-changing landscape which mandates the marketers to adapt quickly. Google updates its algorithm all around the year. In fact, Google admitted via twitter that they make at least one change in a sing



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