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SEO Services Needs to Offer a Full SEO Strategy


SEO is a very large and complex marketing field. It requires a very big amount of effort and time spent learning it. This is why SEO services and SEO, in general, can be divided into three different categories. These are:


On-site SEO

In this category are included all the processes that make changes to your site's content. These changes have the role to convince Google's algorithm that the information and/or products that you offer on your site have a big enough value for the potential readers. On-site SEO focuses mostly on the text, images, and videos that you use on your website.


Off-site SEO

As you can probably imagine, this category includes all the actions that are taken outside your site with the same goal of making Google's algorithm to increase the perceived authority of your site.  These changes are mainly based on strategies that have the role to place links directed to your site all around the internet. These links can be placed on social media, forums, blogs, or important websites from your niche. The most popular method to do this is through guest posting.  This method uses content( which is the most important factor considered by Google's algorithm) as a way through which you can showcase your experience, expertise, or the quality of your products/services on other sites.


Technical SEO

This category is similar to On-site SEO because the changes are also made to your site. But, it is different because the changes made do not have the goal to please or influence the viewer through any content method. These changes are made to the structure of the site with the goal of increasing its efficiency. For example, some changes may be made with the goal of increasing the speed with which you site loads. The faster your site will load when a person visits your site the higher your rank will be in google's searches.

SEO services should not only contain strategies for all the necessary changes mentioned above but it should also have an SEO audit that has the role to diagnostic the strengths and the weaknesses of your website. This is a very important step because all the strategies should be personalized based on the results obtained from the SEO audit.


How Does a Good SEO Agency Present Itself

The information that an SEO agency offers through their website and when you make contact is very important because you can judge how professional its team is through the level of transparency that it offers. Also, the way through which they present themselves will give you many clues about the skill level that the team has.

It is obvious that you want to find an agency that has a very high skill level because the results that you will get from a collaboration with them will influence the amount of growth that your company will have in the online market. If you already collaborate with an SEO agency then, you can find if this helps or not by reading this interesting article written on

Any good SEO agency should have certain elements presented on their website. These elements are:


SEO Reviews

As in any other industry, it is very important for such a company to present the reviews that they got from old customers. This will not only help you to find the opinion of others about the SEO agency but you will also be able to find some of their past clients and discuss with them. By doing that you can make sure that the results you get will have a high chance of being of high-quality.


SEO Result Presentation

An SEO agency that is able to produce good results will be inclined to present them on their site. If you have minimal knowledge about SEO you will be able to understand how good these results are and also you can check their veracity. This can be another method through which you can make sure that you will only spend money on quality results.


Educational Material

It is absolutely imperative for a good agency to have a blog through which they will teach you as much knowledge as possible about SEO, for example the importance of a long-term strategy. Why? Because this is the best way for the SEO team to show you that it knows what it is doing. Also, it is normal for you to trust those that offer free information.


Professional SEO services

This is a very important aspect to which you must pay attention. What you should look for is the relation between price and results as well as making sure that the agency does not only offers standard packages but it will also have the option to offer and personalized one. Why? Because not every website is the same. After the audit, you should make sure that if their service packages are not fit for your site you will be able to obtain one that is personalized on your SEO needs.


Strong SEO Guarantee

If the agency does not offer a money-back guarantee, then it does not matter how impressive the results presented, or the opinion that other clients of the agency have. Keep in mind that all people make mistakes and you do not want to have the risk of losing your money because of such mistakes. Also, a guarantee will not only reduce your risk to 0 but it will also reveal the confidence that the SEO team has in its skills.


How to Choose Good SEO Services   

As mentioned above a good SEO package should consider all the SEO aspects. Keep in mind that it is very important to make sure that the strategies used and the SEO services that you choose is based on the results obtained from the audit. A professional agency needs to have an action plan ready to implement after a consistent search algorithm change.


For example, if the strong point of your site is the on-page SEO because you have very much and very god content present on your site, then you may only need some small optimization for it. On the other hand, your off-site SEO may be almost nill. In this case, the package chosen should focus a very large part on generating high-quality links through a content method, like guest posting.


Also, if you decide to collaborate with the SEO agency for longer periods of time ( which you obviously should) then you must make sure that they will continue to optimize and change the strategies used based on the results obtained.


SEO is a field that changes very fast and all the strategies used are changing as well. Because of this, you do not want to work with an agency that uses only standard packages. Otherwise, when the changes appear ( mostly Google updates) the package that you paid for may become ineffective and your ranks may stop rising. You can find even more information that will help you find a good SEO agency by reading this article.


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