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May 2020

After successfully launching a book club to her fans, Brooke Saward has launched a new podcast, "Read like a Girl". From the author of the popular solo female travel blog World of Wanderlust, Brooke Saward has continued to create a media empire that inspires women. We caught up with Brooke to learn more about the podcast, discuss future plans for the show and the importance of women supporting women.

"I created this podcast as a way to encourage women to read more", Saward says. "But not just any books. I want women to feel inspired, empowered and celebratory of female writers," she adds. "There are so many great break-out success stories from female authors and I think this podcast is a great way to shine a light on female writers in a fun, informative way" Saward finishes.

Traditional book clubs have seen a rise in recent years, even seeing Hollywood personalities like Reece Witherspoon get involved to promote reading. Saward intends to bring some of her star-studded friends in the creative industries on the show, such as Emma Bates (previously Away, founder of Diem), Renee Hahnel (published author) and Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad female travel blog). 

Each episode will be around 30 minutes in length, designed to be consumed as you cook dinner, go for a run, or on your drive to work. "I really believe in the longevity of the publishing industry," says Saward, "and I want to see my fanbase from World of Wanderlust continue to make their escape through books and stories" she finishes.

In the debut episode, Saward lists her three favourite memoirs that are inspiring her to write her own. As a result of isolation, Saward is writing her own memoir and has secured representation in the United States with a talent agency. Saward lists How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell among the top memoirs that have influenced her writing, as well as prompting her to write about her own "double life" saga. 

"For years I have been showing a version of my life online," says Saward. "One that is so far from the truth". Her memoir is still searching for a publisher, with Brooke citing Simon and Schuster as her preferred choice. "This book will really uncover a lot of truths about living online as an influencer and how much it differs from reality," says Saward. "I'm looking forward to sharing the truth after being a version of myself online for eight years when Instagram was gaining momentum" she finishes.

You can find Brooke's stories snippets on her Instagram page that she shares with Facebook to more than 1.2 million social media fans. Find her blog at and the Read Like a Girl podcast on Spotify.

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