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Waterjet Cutting Machines Help Increase Manufacturers Productivity in Less Time

Headland Machinery, a distributor of high-accuracy waterjet cutting machines in Australia, is now ready to deliver the new models of waterjet machines to manufacturers in the country who are ready to embark on smart manufacturing to achieve higher production in less time.

Most manufacturers that use waterjet cutting machines Australia-wide are now dabbling in the 4th industrial revolution also known as industry 4.0 - the revolution that is primarily occurring in manufacturing industries wherein computer systems work with automation in mass production, enhanced by ever-evolving smart technology and machine learning.

The Zenith Custom Creations, a manufacturing company in Mount Barker, South Australia, has achieved a considerable advantage over their competitors by producing more high-quality finished products in a surprisingly less amount of time by using the advanced waterjet solutions distributed by Headland Machinery.

Craig Van Der Stelt, managing director of Zenith Custom Creations, testified that they’d got a real edge with their waterjet solution.

“Our waterjet means that we’re saving massive amounts of time and the finished product is better and more consistent. We can take on more work, diversify and produce way more in-house rather than having to send parts out for the next process.” Mr Der Stelt said.

Mark Tapley from Diamond Stainless, a commercial benches manufacturer in Thomastown, Victoria, is also amazed by how fast the waterjet machines can manufacture top-notch products.

“It used to take us at least an hour to cut each part, whereas it now takes a matter of minutes. The software has been incredibly easy to learn – and the machine tells us the amount of time it will take so we can manage our workflow.” Mr Tapley said.

Indeed, precision, speed, and accuracy are the top characteristics of waterjets - embodying the once elusive dream of manufacturers to be able to produce more in a short span of time. Thanks to the advanced features of these machines, manufacturers now enjoy the quick turnaround times between drawing and production of parts in any material.

Waterjet Machines are the Game Changers in the Manufacturing Industry 

Waterjet cutting machines can cut and help produce high-quality manufactured products made from multiple kinds of materials, such as rubber, composites, foam, metals, ceramics, stainless steel, concrete, aluminium, stone, titanium, glass, brass, and copper.

The best thing is that waterjets cut materials without the invasive heat, so there are no thermal distortions, especially to intricate material parts that are hard to make and replace. 

Also, thanks to the waterjet’s intuitive software, speed, precision and accuracy, manufacturers are now doubling and even tripling their production rate as well as their return on investment because they are able to do more in less time with fewer mistakes - waterjet solutions take your designs and painstakingly prepare them for machining to avoid less-than-ideal outcomes, thereby helping you reduce your operational costs.

Plus, this allows further customisation and complex designs to become a reality. Most importantly, manufacturers who use waterjets have more advantage of becoming the thought leaders of their respective product-making and parts-production niches.

Do you think it’s time to step up on your manufacturing business? Make intricate designs easily possible and achieve more in less time? Talk to a waterjet expert today.


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Headland Machinery, a distributor of high-accuracy waterjet cutting machines in Australia, is now ready to deliver the new models of waterjet machines to manufacturers in the country who are ready to embark on smart manufacturing to achieve higher product



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