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Gutter Cleaning During Coronavirus Quarantine

Has the coronavirus quarantine got you sitting at home wondering what to do? Well, now is the perfect time to knock a few jobs off the old to-do list. If you’re like most Aussie homeowners, cleaning out your gutters is sure to be on there.

You might be wondering why now is the best time though. Gutter cleaning isn’t the most exciting job. It can be dirty hard work as you move a ladder around and pull out all sorts of unspeakable mess from your gutters.

But there really is no time like the present. And here’s why.

  • It’s a productive use for extra time at home

With a lot of lockdown restrictions still in place, the majority of us are still working from home. Without that regular commute, you’re likely to have found yourself with extra time in the mornings and evenings. Not to mention that the weekends seem to go forever now since you can’t go anywhere.

Make use of that time at home by taking care of some of those important jobs around the house that you never seem to get time to do: Like cleaning the gutters.

  • It’s a chance to get outside

As much as you may love your home, staying inside all day for weeks on end can leave you pretty fed up. It might be hard to get some space to yourself if you’ve got kids or housemates.

Cleaning the gutters is the perfect reason to disappear outside for a few hours though. Get the ladder and climb onto your roof. While it won’t exactly be the nicest job to do, you can enjoy some sunshine as you work. This might be your last chance before Melbourne winter sets in.

  • It’s a way to stay moving

With gyms closed and social distancing measures in practice, plenty of people have seen their exercise routines change for the worse or disappear entirely. A lack of exercise can make you feel sluggish and depressed. It can even affect your sleep.

Getting up a ladder and doing some serious roof gutter cleaning is a good way to get the blood pumping again though. Sure, it’s not a full gym workout, but you’ll certainly feel better for it.

Why is it so important?    

If you need more convincing, then understanding exactly how clogged gutters can damage your house will do it, making regular gutter cleaning extremely important. Not to mention learning how much it costs to repair these roof and gutter problems.

If your gutter doesn’t drain properly, water collects on the roof or overflows down the sides of your house. You can expect some major moisture damage to your roofing and foundations if this happens. The repair bill for these gutter problems can easily be more than $10,000. Compare this to the average cost of roof and gutter cleaning in Melbourne and being proactive seems like an excellent decision.

And it’s not only water you need to worry about. Gutters full of leaves and branches can be a real fire risk. All it takes is one spark and your home could be ablaze.

Call in the experts

Gutter cleaning isn’t for everyone — it can be dangerous and difficult work— but all gutters need to be cleaned. Call in the pros to do the job for you.

Those pros are the Himalayas Group: they’re your roof restoration and gutter cleaning experts in Melbourne. With the right tools and know-how, they can slash one item from your to-do list and save you thousands on potential home repair bills. Speak to Himalayas Group today on 0415 841 606 and let us do the hard work for you.

To find out more about our response to the COVID-19 outbreak and roof gutter cleaning measures, click here.

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Himalayas Group continues to extend the roof gutter cleaning services to the Australians, 7 days a week, despite these challenging times.  We have been providing domestic and commercial roof gutter cleaning solutions for more than 10 years, with an eye to detail. Our experienced gutter cleaners are skilled enough to inspect and gauge the condition of your roof gutters before providing the quote. Our specialist team is cleaning as many gutters as possible, considering the restrictions of this pandemic and the necessity of maintaining your home in the top condition. When Coronavirus crisis, eventually, begins to recede and we return to an approximation of normality, we have several factors of our lives and livelihood to take into consideration that were affected by this lethal virus. In the event of downpour of rain or hailstorms, autumn leaves fall, the clogged gutters can make the condition of your roof and home even worse. In that case, Himalayas Group is just a phone call away. Our roof gutter cleaning team is abiding by the social distancing measures imposed by the Australian government and following high standards of hygiene practice to avoid the spread of the virus. We motivate our customers to make all the transactions via electronic transfer upon having the photos of the gutters sent through them, once the given task is complete.



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