Thursday, May 21st, 2020 - Beauty Point Retirement Resort

The nationwide, social isolation strategy to combat the Covid-19 pandemic spreading may be starting to have an effect, ‘flattening the curve’ but it’s having a significant, simultaneous impact upon the psychology of Australians.

The core human need for regular connection and interaction with other people has become patently clear to millions of families, now forced to stay, literally, at home for weeks on end. This is an unprecedented emergency and we’re are not dealing with this outcome.


For our retirees, seniors and elderly, this situation shouldn’t be dismissed as the ‘lifestyle they’re used to’. The damage of isolation at this new level would be intolerable. The damage that Covid-19 is doing, to our single elderly, in particular, only multiplies.

Even prior to Covid-19, the only human interaction for many seniors would be a few hours with a friendly, but very busy Home Carer. And, possibly, a weekly visit from family. Now, social distancing and lockdowns prohibit even that.

The same social isolation and stay at home rules apply to retirement villages. The big difference is you’re within a close-knit, caring and connected community.

Geographically and socially, residents have neighbours they know, close to them. Well within visual and safe chatting distance, in the next balcony or garden terrace.

Then, there’s the service teams and staff, dropping by to drop off groceries at the door or giving everyone a check-in call, each day. Rather than being lonely all week, waiting for family to visit, that becomes the icing on the active, inclusive and supportive retirement village lifestyle cake.


As part of an Easter wish and gift from the Beauty Point Retirement Resort team, the residents of the Padstow Heights village community were asked to express and share their feelings as if they were ‘messages to the world’.

Beauty Point’s Director, George Jabbour, was overwhelmed by both the response and the resilience from the elderly retirees in his village community.

“It was a flood of positive feelings, emotions and gratitude. Something too valuable not to share. So, we decided, then and there, to share these messages to the world, literally!”


                “… as the world moves on…

                 appreciate our beautiful world even more…”

                 Marian & Arthur 

Mr Jabbour highlighted how these messages celebrated and symbolised the importance and value of community spirit within the retirement village.

“In the face of Covid-19… the selfless love, respect and caring throughout our retirement resort village speaks volumes for the good that we, as a human community, are capable of.”

Beauty Point’s residents’ ‘Messages to the World’ are now being seen and shared through the Beauty Point Retirement Resort website and beyond.

In summary, Mr Jabbour indicated these comforting thoughts are a timely reminder that our entire retirement community is about having friends, family, community, love and support, right round us. Now, more than ever.

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