Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Tomorrow, Hon. Jennifer Mary RANKINE, Minister for Families and Communities today will launch a special web platform built for the Technical Aid to the Disabled (TADSA), that utilises a new age suite of features aimed at improving the quality of life and convenience for the disabled.

TADSA was founded 30 years ago as a voluntary organisation to improve the lives of people with disabilities. The Association offers specialised services to the aged and frail by finding and helping volunteers with engineering and technical skills to develop unique and innovative mobility solutions.

With the support and acknowledgement of South Australian Government, TADSA has worked with its voluntary tech savvy members to build many special modifications of equipment for the disabled. These innovative modifications have resulted in solutions to seemingly insurmountable mobility difficulties, which would previously reduce the quality of life for many members of our community.

The TADSA technical members come from many fields and give their time often without asking for any recognition. Technical members have a reputation for developing practical solutions for the elderly and disabled.

After receiving some assistance from the Technology Industry Association (TIA), TADSA asked how the two kindred Associations could collaborate in a more constructive way.

TIA Marketing Manager Jayne Osborne suggested that a web based solution could be the best way forward and nominated TIA member Wallcann as the most appropriate company to consult with.

“WallCann developed the TIA website and have experience working with other not for profit associations. They’re able to produce applications that are visually attractive that have leading edge functionality,” stated Ms Osborne.

WallCann quickly recognised the community value of TADSA’s specialist services and built them a new interactive web platform. Clive Wallace MD of WallCann said, “WallCann has developed a special website that allows TADSA to easily add content and information to the website for themselves, without needing to understand programming codes.

Mr Wallace said, “This self-managed website gives TADSA the ability to communicate professionally, easily and conveniently with their members, without the need of expensive programming and web development charges”.

Mr Wallace added that, “The website has a special feature that uses a WallCann technology platform to provide applications, such as social media and interaction with members to make communication easier and more fun.”

Mr Wallace says “A virtual shop is another added convenience which makes it easy for many mobility restricted people to have health care products and services home delivered at a reduced price.”

WallCann is helping TADSA recruit more sponsor organisations, like Hindmarsh based Independent Living Care and Mobility Centre (ILCMC) to support the maintenance and development of the web shop. Mr Wallace said, “Thanks to sponsors like ILCMC the proceeds from the sale of their products provide a small but useful supplementary revenue stream for TADSA.”

This online service will ensure that products and services are provided to the disabled community through a secure professionally managed online store. Mr Wallace believes that “That industry collaborating for better business brings about greater good.”

For further information, please contact Clive Wallace M.D. WallCann 08 8352 7092 or Ian Beaton PR Officer TADSA 08 8261 2922

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Technical Aid to the Disabled

TADSA is a state-wide not-for-profit, voluntary organisation which aims to help people with disabilities overcome problems by creating, modifying or repairing devices where there is no other solution readily available. TADSA has been helping people with disabilities and the aged in South Australia for over 30 years
TDSA PR Officer Ian Beaton
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