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NSW, 15 MAY 2020
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Grays, a leading marketplace for big brand retail items, is working with a major retailer (who can’t be named), to help sell down a huge amount of their retail stock. All items are new and big brand names. Australian’s can get their hands on Nintendos, Playstations, computers, TVs, phones, tablets, furniture, whitegoods, audiovisual equipment and much more from as little as $9.

With 10% of Australian Smartphones owners unable to download the new COVIDSafe app and only 90% of Australian’s owning Smartphones this is a great opportunity for price conscious Australian’s to upgrade. Grays has acquired over 3,500 Smartphone devices all starting from $9.

Buyers are encouraged to keep checking the website as over 2000 computers, 5000 pieces of high-quality furniture, 3500 iPhones and 300 fridges are waiting to be sold.


Chris Corbin, CEO of GraysOnline, said: “Nowhere else can you access big brands like these. Every single product is brand new, and with prices starting at just $9, customers could have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model for a fraction of the retail price.”

Grays estimates that there are millions worth of assets on offer from a wide range of brands, including Hitachi, ChiQ, Philips, Hisense, Thorn, Apple, Google, Samsung, Yahama, Acer and many more. Items reduced to clearance include:

  • Whitegoods: Fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers
  • Gaming: X-boxes, Nintendo Switches and Playstations
  • Fitness: Exercise bikes and treadmills
  • Winter essentials: Heaters and air-conditioning units
  • Furniture: Mattresses, bedside tables, tallboys, dining sets and coffee tables
  • Computers, phones, headphones, soundbars, smart assistants and TVs

However, Corbin stresses that a specific number of products will be available in each state. He added: "A wide range of products are on offer across Australia for both click and collect and delivery.There is still plenty of options for buyers, but we encourage them to check the website regularly to make sure they don't miss out."550,000 visitors per month looking to purchase wine and homewares.


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Never have Australian’s needed compatible smartphones more. Bidding starting at $9.



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