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Adelaide, May 15, 2020 – South Australian manufacturer cura1has today officially launched its breakthrough patient monitoring system, ENSIGN. ENSIGN is a state of the art, non-invasive patient monitoring system that can help flatten the curve with respect to COVID-19 and help prevent the spread of any future virus. cura1 Managing Director, Frank Nardone, said that “after 5 years of research and development to create the proprietary technology that drives ENSIGN, we have launched the product right in the middle of a pandemic”. The new ENSIGN system can help flatten the curve and limit any future spread by displaying an array of key patient information to staff at a safe distance, which eliminates dozens of daily contacts between patient and staff. This ensures greater safety, improved efficiencies and higher quality of care in our HOSPITALS and AGED CARE FACILITIES. Staff receive timely information such as: ¥ Heart rate ¥ Respiratory rate ¥ In and out of bed confirmation ¥ Excessive movement / agitation ¥ Incontinence ¥ Turnover care - the security knowing that patients requiring regular turnover are not overlooked Mr Nardone added, “ENSIGN continuously monitors patients and residents, and will generate an alarm for immediate intervention should any critical parameter go outside of those set for an individual being monitored”. Medical staff / carers / the institution / family members / external medical practitioners can be alerted so that intervention will be effected immediately, keeping the medical staff and the patient safe by reducing contact until needed, which in turn will help flatten the curve.   Comprehensive data is continuously gathered and provided on each patient for medical and caring staff to monitor, maintain, manage and archive. About cura1 Based in Adelaide, South Australia, cura1is a world class manufacturer of innovative products designed to help staff of hospitals, aged homes and other care facilities, provide more efficient and safer comfort and care to patients and residents. For more information about this release or to arrange an interview with company management, please contact; Frank Nardone Managing Director Ph. (08) 8268 8343

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It can be draining and distracting to always have one eye on your operations and one eye on the ever-changing regulatory framework and the continual raft of changes being made to minimum standards in patient care. This is where cura1 comes in, with its innovative range of devices and systems for use in:

cura1 puts you back in charge. It lets you meet and surpass current standards of duty of care, and also elevates you to a leadership position from where you will be able to demand that regulators catch up to your superior levels of care.

As well as being a leading manufacturer of these products, cura1 also provides in-house customer support and technical support through dedicated staff who are available to help distributors and customers with product application, system design and product technical support and repairs.

As you look through our product range, you will see how two decades of working in geriatric care and electronic communications has informed the innovative range of cura1 technology.

The cura1 business, office and modern warehouse facility is located at Kilkenny in South Australia and has a distributor network throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide local, on the ground, sales and support for its products.

Frank Nardone
P: 08 82688343
M: 0418820600


New technology launched for more safer and effective patient and resident care in hospitals and nursing homes in times of COVID-19 virus and beyond


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