Saturday, April 25th, 2020 - Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

 Ecosmob, a global VoIP solutions provider, announced the launch of its fluid MVNO billing solutions aimed at mobile virtual network operators worldwide, with particular emphasis on Australian MVNOs.


Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Ecosmob is active in virtually all spheres of VoIP tech such as class 4/class 5 soft switches, session border controller and solutions. The company has an in-depth understanding of how mobile networks operate and the need for being competitive and for revenue generation. It does provide SBC with billing and payment gateway integration. Its MVNO billing solution ticks all the right boxes and gives MVNOs and MVNEs the perfect billing backbone to enhance revenues and become competitive.”


He went on to elaborate on the principal features of the MVNO software.

  • The MVNO billing solution has inherent scalability. Today, an operator can start with a thousand customers and then ramp up easily to a hundred thousand with no load on the software of infrastructure.

  • The software includes intelligent dynamically configurable IVR for best customer experience and integrated payment gateway.

  • Ecosmob MVNO billing handles multiple currencies and has multi-language capabilities.

  • MVNOs can maintain distinct prepaid and postpaid channels with taxation, discounts and other features easily classified under different heads. Operators can also design and offer hybrid as well as on-demand services.

  • MVNOs can manage SIM cards and take care of mobile number portability with ease, transfer balances and carry forward unused portions if so desired.

  • Real-time true billing with the centralized charging system. MVNOs are protected against revenue leaks. Users can recharge any time or pay bills once the bills are delivered to their inbox, using the built-in payment gateway.

  • It is easy to set the credit limit, disconnect service on expiry and then restart immediately on recharge or payment of the bill.

  • Itemized description of services in the invoice

  • Facility for customers to make changes to their plans and receive updates on such changes


The most important aspect, according to the VP of Ecosmob, is the analytics feature. Here, Ecosmob has incorporated artificial intelligence from its AI development division to help MVNOs derive business intelligence in real-time or based on historical data. Analytics can help the operator have a detailed overview of all that is happening in relation to customers and with their main mobile network operator with whom they connect. They know at a glance their profitability and service sectors that earn steadily rising profits and ones that cause loss and help them to adjust their tariffs or service plans.


Ecosmob is already familiar with billing and security as offered in its session border controller for carriers and VoIP service providers. The same meticulous attention to detail shows in the security feature of the billing software for MVNOS. All subscriber details receive a triple layer of encrypted security.


Further, Ecosmob, he said, is always ready and willing to customise any of the features of its software for MVNOs to suit each one’s business model and objective. Ecosmob has built an impeccable reputation for its quality of service at all levels. It starts at the inquiry stage and continues to grow in strength as an MVNO becomes a client. Speed is another characteristic of Ecosmob’s service. Whether it is responding to a query or completing a project ahead of schedule or taking care of complaints, Ecosmob team responds fast and efficiently “We know how critical timely service is,” said the VP.


It makes good sense to opt for Ecosmob billing solution for MVNOs. It is not just the software for MVNOs that you are looking at, said the VP. There is the matter of overall expertise and experience of the company in the VoIP segment that clients can draw on to refine their services. These are precious intangibles. Ecosmob has provided enterprise and carrier-grade solutions to global telecom giants and knows just how the industry operates at the wholesale and retail level. All these are distilled into its software. When MVNOs engage Ecosmob, they get a top-flight solution. Plus, they are welcome to seek our consultation on other aspects of their business, technical and commercial. “We want our customers to prosper and we work for their progress,” claimed the VP. “We can provide surprising insights that will prove truly helpful for MVNOs, especially startups who find it a challenge to serve customers and also interface with their service provider.”


MVNOs interested in MVNO software and MVNO billing solution may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 91 777 884 2856, 1-303-997-3139 or simply chat live on

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