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A wealth of experience in design and a young hungry entrepreneur may be the perfect ingredients for this development company in creating a modern design and changing the way we look at Granny Flats.


Creating The Pod Canberra this father/daughter team are set to skyrocket the market and are bringing new ideas to the table. 


What is it?

The Pod Canberra is an Australian firm with a focus on creating high-quality pods, conceived to the highest standards. What’s a pod, you ask? Think of it as a modern-day granny flat - a perfect secondary residence enhanced with forward-thinking design, beautiful interiors, and charming space arrangements.


The Father/Daughter Team


Robert Valk has been in the design business for over 25 years. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge about DA & BA submissions, the planning rules, regulations, councils as well as design. He has designed The Pod with his team in VRD Design. VRD is an architectural firm that is creative and has outside thinking about how to make the best use of the space. For the Pod, they have designed Modern linear style with wooden features to highlight contrast and space.  


Jacqueline Valk has spent her years working for a Canberra developer, Sydney property investment firm and a Sydney financial advisory. Growing up in the property and building industry with her dad’s experience, she set off to find out what helps to make people money and, that she found was property. 


“Property investment is key to most investors' growth portfolios, especially in Australia. The only issue is that aspiring property owners are finding it tough to get into the market with Australia’s growing market. It’s only going to get worse. Therefore we needed to create a product that is cheaper than a house and land that the aspiring property owner could have built quickly after approval. This will be able to build passive income for our clients by renting the property but also add value to the existing property on the block. This is why The Pod was created.” Jacki states


The Dream


Robert Valk’s inspiring advice to his children was to do something you love and you’ll succeed in life. 


“I’m blessed to be in the situation that I am in and working for myself in a small business with just a few staff but doing what I love to do. I love to help people get what they want and I enjoy seeing the process from the ground up. Nothing changes with The Pod. 


We provide a full service from the word go. Included are the individual plans, DA, BA submission, electrical plans, engineers plans, hydraulic and disability plans. We handle the finance with the bank, the full 10-12 week build and a turn-key solution which provides everything you need to walk in and live-in it providing you bring your own bed!” Robert Valk states.


Keeping it local.


Working with family can be a tough gig but this duo is making it look easy. From November going from 50 hits on the website to January getting 1700 hits on the website and over 70 enquiries over one weekend, this business is set to be a mover and shaker. 


“I believe Canberra is a great market but we have 30% of our enquiries are from Sydney. Therefore I feel this product could also be perfect for the busy Sydney-ites.” Jacki


Why work as a father-daughter team?


“I would have to say we are far from a conventional household. We talk about everything and anything. We also have never had a fight between us. My dad has always inspired me to do what I love, therefore, to work for him, help the business grow, help families afford houses and build a brilliant product was right up my alley. I was working for a hotel and apartment developer in Canberra and in the end, I felt I wasn’t adding value to their business. At The Pod Canberra, I can see the development and the progress that I do and it is a complete satisfaction that the work I am doing is adding value.” Jacki


“It made sense for us, while Jacki was on a break from her career she saw the opportunity I had started 3 years ago but hadn’t had the time to get off the ground. Her sister Nichole helped me get the business to a ground starting level and we wouldn’t be where we are at now without her input. Jacki has ramped up the business with her Sydney mentality of ‘it needed to be done yesterday’ so in the last 2 years we have grown exponentially and cannot wait to expand around Australia. I built The Pod in my backyard to reduce paying rent for a commercial office. The unexpected benefit at the time was dramatically increasing the value of the current home on the block. A win-win. We used to all work in the Pod and Jacki lived in the 1 bedroom section. Therefore our clients got to see how we love our product and use it on a daily benefit, so they can see them living/ working or renting it out too.” Robert


Any other designs in the process?


“We do. A design we are most likely to call The Mod but that is still on the drawing board. What I can say is that it will be faster to build and a different shape to our current liner design. I’m very excited but it is still very much in its beginning stages of development.” Jacki 


Robert Valk and Jacki Valk, the father-daughter team taking Canberra by storm. We look forward to hearing about the exciting news along the journey of this surprising business duo.


Find out more about The Pod Canberra and feel free to get in touch with us for further details.


Contact our office at: 

The Pod by VRD Developments on 

1300 843 763 (1300 THE POD)


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A wealth of experience in design and a young hungry entrepreneur may be the perfect ingredients for this development company in creating a modern design and changing the way we look at Granny Flats .




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