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The “Doorstep Dinners – Fremantle” Pilot, launched today, with the support of the Minderoo Foundation and the McCusker Foundation, connecting Fremantle locals in a network that will see 200 meals a day for 45 days delivered direct to the doorsteps of those most affected by COVID-19 social isolation and distancing measures.

The project, the brainchild of Michael Piu, CEO St Pats, draws together a number of service providers and businesses to create a win-win situation as we prepare ourselves for this pandemic in coming months.

Project Partners St Pats, the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, United Way and Rise have brought together their expertise to design and implement an innovative solution that delivers to an urgent social need, and creates a positive local economic stimulus of its own.

COVID-19 has seen the decimation of Fremantle’s local Tourism, Hospitality and Retail sectors, and has also placed the City’s most vulnerable at risk.

“Doorstep Dinners – Fremantle” gives reason to keep the doors open and the kitchenfires burning in a few of our most iconic venues that define our Port City – in particular Benny’s, La Sosta, Strange Company, and The National Hotel.

Michael Piu, St Pats CEO, noted: “We are grateful to Minderoo, and the McCuskeFoundation, who quickly saw the incredible opportunity in this pilot. We hope that we can lay the foundation in this trial to see it grow as the need in the community grows over coming weeks. The Fremantle hospitality sector are long standing supporters of St Pats through the Long Table Dinner and other initiatives. This was a chance to give something back and create a true win-win.”

Fremantle Chamber of Commerce CEO Danicia Quinlan said: “By providing 200 meals a day, at cost, these venues that employ and procure locally, will be able to keep a chef on their books and perhaps a kitchen hand to assist in meal preparation. It means they can continue to support the local producers, the local butcher, the bakery, the local artisan charcuterie suppliers and local fresh food producers. This project trial was perfect timing as the venues reached crunch time as to whether they decided to close up completely, and for how long they could remain open ride out the storm. It is our hope that this project may keep a couple more doors open, and we can grow the project to help more local businesses and more socially isolated individuals.”

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Kath Snell, Chief Executive Officer, United Way WA

“Working together as a sector to ensure we respond to community need is vital. While COVID has thrown challenges across all areas of our society, at this time, we also see a light shone on kindness and camaraderie. This project highlights the desire of the funders, organisations, hospitality sector and volunteers to unite, share and support. Egos and logos are parked while we work towards one common goal. This is key right now. We look forward to seeing this project and others grow to respond to need in coming months”.

Justine Colyer, Chief Executive Officer, Rise

“That saying that you build relationships before you need them is alive and well as diverse colleagues from across the community have come together to launch this project to assist those most in need in record time. People who, last week were doing their regular job, havepivoted 180 degrees to use their skills and experience to get this initiative off the ground. I’m seeing only the absolute best in the WA community through this.”

Nicola Forrest AO, Minderoo co-founder

“Minderoo Foundation is proud to be able to support incredible initiatives such as the Doorstep Dinner program as part of our community response to the COVID crisis,” Mrs Forrest said. “This initiative is a great example of local organisations coming together quickly to provide for vulnerable community members. The team is working tirelessly and putting the needs of others above of their own, we applaud their efforts.“


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St Patrick's Community Support Centre Limited

Since 1972, St Patrick’s has worked to help those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in Fremantle and the wider south west metropolitan region of Perth. Our goal is to serve the community through giving holistic, supportive and quality care to those most in need through services such as emergency relief, housing , meals, welfare, education, recreation and  health.

Helping people to return to independent living, a safe environment and a better quality of life are key to what we do!

Michael Piu
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The “Doorstep Dinners – Fremantle” Pilot, supported by the Minderoo Foundation connects Fremantle locals in a network that will see 200 meals a day for 45 days delivered direct to the doorsteps of those most is need effected by Covid-19.




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