Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

NSW Premier, Kristina Keneally, has announced $150,000 in prizes for ICT companies to be awarded at Tech23, 2010.

The Innovation Pathways Tech23 2010 Prizes, sponsored by Industry & Investment NSW, will be open to the 23 ICT companies selected to showcase their innovation at Tech23 2010.

Tech23 2010 will take place on Thursday, 19th August, 2010, in Sydney, and follows on from the highly successful inaugural event in 2009.

Five Innovation Pathways Prizes will be awarded at Tech23, including: Outstanding Collaboration for Innovation Award ($25,000); Broadband Innovation Award ($25,000); Community Contribution Award ($25,000); Greatest Potential Award ($25,000); and the Innovation Excellence Award ($50,000). (More information on the prizes below.)

Tech23 is organised by SlatteryIT, and brings together young innovative companies with leading investors and experienced entrepreneurs to make great things happen! As a result of last year’s event, Tech23 companies have raised capital, found chairmen, mentors and customers.

Tech23 celebrates innovation by showcasing 23 companies to over 400 Tech23 attendees and involving industry leaders to offer advice and perspectives. Industry leaders for Tech23 2010 include experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the ICT sector, such as industry star, Roger Allen, director and co-founder of Allen and Buckeridge; CEO of the successful ASX-listed carsales.com Ltd., Greg Roebuck; Scott Farquhar, CEO and co-founder of Atlassian; Chris Beare of Radiata fame; and managing partner of OneVentures, Michelle Deaker, who has recently raised a $40 million VC fund.

Event attendees will include Australian businesses, entrepreneurs, universities and public-funded research agencies.

Tech23 and the 2010 Innovation Pathways Prizes celebrate and encourage innovation, and support collaboration and excellence in the Australian ICT sector.

The Premier also announced that Tech23 has been secured to run in NSW from 2011-2013.

Applications are now open for ICT companies to apply to be one of the top 23. Registration is also open for those wishing to be part of an innovative event for the Australian ICT sector.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Tech23 organiser and director of SlatteryIT, Rachel Slattery, or any of the Tech23 industry leaders, please contact:
Claire Hansen
SlatteryIT | [email protected] | (02) 9280 3677

About the Innovation Pathways Tech23 2010 Prizes:

Tech23 2010 will offer the following incredible prizes for outstanding ICT companies amongst our 23 innovators. With the aid of a shortlist, our judges will carefully select award-winners from amongst the 23 ICT companies presenting on panels throughout the event. The award-winners will then be announced at the Tech23 After-Party.

The Innovation Pathways Prizes are sponsored by NSW Government, and whilst open to all ICT companies, the award-winners will be companies who can demonstrate how their innovation will be of benefit to the NSW economy.

Other awards will be provided by a range of Tech23 supporters and will have specific criteria depending on each award sponsor.

It is possible for one company to be awarded more than one prize.

Outstanding Collaboration for Innovation Award
This prize will be awarded to the company who demonstrates their active engagement in a business partnership or collaboration that has contributed to the development of their innovation. Judges will be looking for R&D, industry and client partnerships that have been instrumental in the company’s success.

Broadband Innovation Award
This prize will be awarded to the company whose business model, product, service or solution has the most to gain from a true broadband environment. This prize will be awarded to the company who has the ability to drive demand for broadband services and who has the most potential to thrive in the future broadband environment.

Community Contribution Award

A prize will be awarded to the Tech23 company who can demonstrate how their innovation will significantly and measurably benefit their local or national community. Innovation underpins improvements in productivity and performance and therefore Australia’s economic growth and prosperity as a nation. The company will need to demonstrate how effective use of their innovation will contribute to community and/or society.

Greatest Potential Award
Tech23’s Potential Growth Award will be awarded to an innovative company who can best demonstrate how they will progress their business model to the next level. The winning company will show the greatest potential for growth and progress.

Innovation Excellence Award
Awarded to the company that our judges deem to be the best of the Tech23. The winning company will demonstrate how their innovation is unique, and how it underpins company performance, industry dynamics, productivity change and economic growth.

About Tech23:

Tech23 is a celebration of innovation, taking place on Thursday 19th August, 2010, in Sydney. The event brings together 23 innovative young companies who will show off their innovation, along with experienced entrepreneurs, leading investors and innovators and a host of attendees from government, research, academic and business sectors.


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NSW Premier, Kristina Keneally, has announced $150,000 in prizes for ICT companies to be awarded at Tech23, 2010.



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