Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 - CarSwap

CarSwap, the largest platform for trading, selling, and buying cars, has announced that it will be investing a significant amount into local manufacturing, as well as research and development, to play its role in helping stimulate local markets.

The company’s investors have agreed to support the proposal which most notably includes the purchase of up to 50 digital billboards of varying sizes, which it will be providing to local businesses to connect their special offerings to the public. This will be the company’s largest purchase order in its history.

CarSwap’s LED ShowScreens will be backed with a Best Price Guarantee as close to cost price as possible, with the options for ongoing subscriptions, rental, or purchase.

“We may not have a cure for the virus, but we can help ‘vaccinate’ businesses with our technologies, so-to-speak”, said Cyrus Rafizadeh, Chief Innovation Officer.

Kane Ellis, Chief Operating Officer added, “it saddens us to see and hear about so many other businesses struggling, so we’re striving to do our part and put our best foot forward with this move to boost businesses around us. ”

CarSwap has deployed dozens of digital billboards primarily to car dealerships, both independent and franchise, such as Holden and Toyota dealers, as well as auto-related businesses such as Ultra Tune and TyrePower. These digital signs are powered by numerous Australian patents developed by both CarSwap and One World LED, the Australian-based manufacturer, including ‘E2V’ automatic content generation, ‘ARV’ environmental responsive content selection, and upcoming innovations such as ‘Deal Codes’, among several others.

Omeed Shahriari of One World LED, has added that “our digital billboard solutions are used by all types of businesses such as retailers, grocers, schools, churches, etc – connecting their messages with people on-roads at the grassroots level is key right now.”

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