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As a restaurant owner, Mr. Veeravel Kasavan was running a decent Indian restaurant in Cairns serving tourists and supporting locals. But still, he sought to do something useful and serve the food community in Brisbane and to support his fellow restaurant owners. He started a website for his restaurant so that it can be helpful for people to get access to the services provided by the restaurant. Soon he came to realize that maintaining a website and promoting services is a huge task, even though promoting and providing online services bought a huge reach to restaurants. thus, he started Ozfoodhunter website in Brisbane to support his fellow restaurant owners and the community to provide online support in promoting and maintaining online services.

Ozfoodhunter was started in 2016 to provide successful online promotions for the restaurants while helping the locals to explore the local food industry. With a successful track of dedication and innovation by the team, Ozfoodhunter turned out to be successful and started spreading all over Queensland in 2017, eventually reaching every corner of Australia with 3500+ restaurants in Ozfoodhunter website by 2019.

Ozfoodhunter is seeing rapid growth in Australia due to the value they put in restaurants' food quality and services. The value and trust that’s put into the restaurant partner's food quality and services, and that’s what makes Ozfoodhunter unique. Ozfoodhunter helps in driving profitable growth for their restaurant partners by making their reach to the public far better by promoting the restaurants online. Ozfoodhunter team is working all over Australia to reach out to any businesses regardless of the shape and size of the restaurants, which requires an online presence. Ozfoodhunter is always trying to improve the quality of the service and finding innovative ways to give advantages to the users.

When asked about this rapid growth of Ozfoodhunter, Veera said “I started Ozfoodhunter to serve the food community, locals to explore all the cuisines, but it was unexpected to be providing our services all over Australia. The trust we put on the restaurants and likewise from the restaurant partners made our growth possible. We will continue to serve and support the food industry by making life one step easy for people.”

Ozfoodhunter, an Australian online food ordering company since 2016. Ozfoodhunter has ties with over 3500 restaurants all over Australia.  It offers a range of over 35 cuisines and orders can be placed through their website or mobile App (IOS/Android).

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OZFOODHUNTER commenced its journey at Brisbane, Queensland in 2016, Mr. Veeraval Kesavan is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer. We began to serve people by providing easier access in their mobile’s with the sole goal to get their food to their front door with no hassle. We made it possible with a great team effort.

Since we started only in Queensland. We had been very successful expanded to all the states by the end of 2016, and by the end of 2017 reached over 140 cities. By 2018 we launched our Ozfoodhunter App (IOS/ANDROID) with very user-friendly applications that helped us to reach people. Now starting 2020 with the very big achievement of delivering over 500,000 customers all around Australia.

We help our partners meaning the restaurants signed up with us by making their reach to the public far better by promoting our partner's business online with the elite crew of the SEO team. We have increased our partner’s business sales by 20% directly and indirectly after signing up with us. By 2020 we are now partners with 3500+ Restaurants.

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Ozfoodhunter is seeing rapid growth in Australia due to the value they put in restaurants food quality and services




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