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In 2017, Phil Sealy, CEO of Pro Leaders Academy, a national Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that delivers on Vocational Education and Training (VET), set up a Turmoil Unit. “As a Business owner, I want to ensure the resilience of the business and ask ‘What if...?. I knew I didn’t have all the answers so pulled our people together from within the business to ask themselves that very question. Right now, I’m glad I did this!”

The Turmoil Unit as it was named, had a single mission – to scope the ‘What if...” questions. What if the education sector had a major disruption? What would we do as a business? How would we continue to operate?

There were three key determinations that were identified from and immediately implemented that Phil believes have been instrumental in their ability to continue to operate business as usual despite the current situation of reducing the spread of COVID -19.

“Remaining niche while others diversified, to recognise an entire portion of the working population disadvantaged in today’s qualification driven world and the use of technology to create a sense of inclusion and capability,  and it was technology that led the way for us." 

With a caution to stay clear of bleeding edge, untried technology, the business reviewed a wide range of standardised options, technology that required minimal challenges for the end user. The team looked at how that technology might provide learning opportunities that weren’t just an ‘online’ option that requires self-regulation and failed solo efforts. The US product, Zoom Room, became the solution allowing employees from regional and remote locations to tap into the same learning environment as their city colleagues. This ensures a stronger learning experiences, less solo efforts and has resulted in a 98% completion rate of Pro Leaders courses.

It is Business as Usual for Pro Leaders only because they are resourced in such a way that allows for people to continue to connect and learn together in a virtual world that is almost as real as being there. 

“One organisation recently saw potential downtime with COVID -19 forcing their teams to work from home, as a time to upskill and further their staffs qualification pathways, and because they have used us before they knew we could faciliate this easily and safely!” Phil highlights.

While there may be challenges ahead for many organisations, business as usual is ensuring one Educational organisation is managing to stay ahead because of the foresight of its CEO.

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Pro Leaders Academy Pty Ltd, a Nationally Registered Training Organisation (National RTO# 45024) is a leader in government procurement, contract management, project management, business management and leadership development with over 30 years of professional training and consultancy experience.  With fully resourced training facilities in Brisbane & Canberra, as an RTO, we are bound by the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs) 2015 to ensure our services to our clients and participants will meet the Australian Qualifications Framework as well as comply with the Australian Skills Quality Authority’s (ASQA) VET Quality Framework.

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