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While people are fighting over toilet paper in Australia’s big name super markets, many Australian businesses are fighting to keep afloat. The current state of the economy caused by previous economic downturn and a slowing of all business with the threat of the COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, importers are really feeling an impact.

With manufacturing across Australia reportedly shutting down due to sections of the Australian economy in difficulty due to bushfires and now COVID-19, some import reliant factories are reducing hours causing workers to be out of work. Phil (pictured above) is happy that he is making products in Australia and is not affected by the import issues. “I think it’s really important for people to shop locally, it’s what gives people like me a job” says Phil a craftsmen upholsterer at Gregory. With over 60% of Australian imports coming from Asian countries it’s become increasingly important for shoppers to make smart buying decisions to help the economy. The introduction of the government’s stimulus could be really positive for local businesses.

Gregory Chairs has been locally manufacturing for 32 consecutive years. “Manufacturing locally has always been a really positive thing for Gregory” says Director Anthony, “we’ve been able to continually supply quality product no matter what’s happening with trade in the world”. Gregory Chairs was founded in 1988 with a focus on their local and environmental footprint. Gregory’s take back recycling program is only possible through their local presence.

With the Corona Virus encouraging consumers to reconsider where they shop, local businesses are the first place you should be looking to support the local economy and workers like Phil. “We’re really hoping the Government’s introduction of the stimulus will incentivise this” says Anthony.

We’re looking forward to the release of the Stimulus and what this involves in the coming days.

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Gregory Chairs is a proudly owned Australian Commercial Furniture Manufacturer. Gregory is the leader in ergonomic office chairs specialisning in seating designed to support posture and reduce the risk of work-related back pain. 

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