Monday, November 9th, 2015
If you've already looked at toomuchstock, you'll have seen some of the best bargains available - top-level brands at prices that are regularly around 50-90% off. Understandably, the question is, can they compete with the two current leaders catchoftheday and ozsale?

Yes they can.

Toomuchstock is a clearance outlet store with stock ranging from designer clothes, through sports equipment to electrical and a whole lot more. While you can't try things on the arguably-better trade-off is that you don't have to hunt around every shop, they email you every day with multiple announcements of new sales with all of the good stuff about to be released.

You'll find some of the sales matched overseas including at places like Having a semi local operation is far more preferable though, as you won't be stung by exchange rates, high-shipping costs or potential taxes. Toomuchstock offers worldwide shipping FREE of charge.

High end fashion, socks, underwear, frying pan's, designer watches, shirts, trousers, shoes, shorts, T-shirts, UGGs, hoodies, ties, sunglasses, and a whole lot more.

High-end goods like the watches come in the original presentation cases and stuff like Armani come in branded sleeves. Occasionally something arrives that looks like it's been a display model or left in a stock-room for a while. But this is typical for clearing houses and it's normal for designers to clear the shelves for next season's goods.

The catch?

First up, be prepared to wait. Stock comes from all over the world and it isn't always clear where from. Typically a sale will last for a few days and then all the products are totted up and a bulk order is sent to the supplier. This delay is nothing to subsequent delivery times, though. If it's a local sale like UGG boots then you may have to wait just a few days. If, however, stock is coming from Europe or America it can take up to 28 days,
Manager of Operations Martin Solomon attributes the growth in the figures to a carefully planned offering, saying “We are quickly becoming Australia and New Zealand's go-to destination for the savvy shopper. The key is in our depth of products on offer, combined with savings of up to 80% off retail prices”.
While the early sales figures have easy exceeded initial forecasts, they do not come as a complete surprise to the team. Behind TooMuchStock is a team of industry experts several of whom have founded successful IPO’s or exited ecommerce businesses prior to joining.
Additionally, the TooMuchStock team have buying power and relationships with The Fashion Clearance Group who has been a leader in servicing the international fashion trade for over the past 8 years with direct contacts and buyers agents worldwide.
In 2014 TooMuchStock expanded to have direct outlets in Australia , New Zealand, United States Singapore and Hong Kong , the UK and Europe.
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