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With over a decade in the industry, Clixpert is a Digital Marketing Agency that’s pretty much seen and done it all. So, when we got the opportunity to foray into something new and challenging for us, we plunged into the project full throttle!

The Political Digital Media Campaign

Our client was a candidate in the Sri Lankan Presidential Election 2019. They hired Clixpert to be a part of their Digital Marketing efforts, helping them reach the maximum number of people within a short period of time. One of our biggest challenges was that we only had 65 days to achieve the target – and that too with a limited budget at our disposal.

Our Goals for The Project

Our main goal was to reach a wide audience of the 18+ voter pool. To do this, we had to strengthen our client’s Social Media and online presence, informing the audience about the client’s vision, mission, policies and more.

Digital Online Platforms Used and the Strategies Employed

We used the below listed Digital Platforms as tools to achieve our goals.

•          Google

o          Search Marketing

o          Display Advertising

•          YouTube

o          TrueView ads

o          Bumper ads

o          Preroll ads

•          Facebook

o          Events

o          Slide saw ads

o          Photo ads

o          Video ads

•          Twitter

What Were the Results We Achieved in 60 days?


We reached over 14.5 million users/Impressions. We managed to achieve an impressive 27K User interaction.

Total Reach/Impressions Divided Across Devices

  • Mobile Device over 79%
  • Desktop over 17%
  • Tablet over 2%

Facebook and Twitter

We gained over 2.5K followers within the 2-month period.

  • Our online poll created a huge impact on the Sri Lankan public’s mind.
  • Reached over 330,000 audience in total.
  • Reached post engagement of over 100K.
  • Accumulated over 500,000 reach for our posts espousing our client’s policies and stance.

Was Our Online Campaign A Success?

Yes! Given the time period and the limited budget, the results we achieved are beyond impressive. We helped our client achieve maximum exposure online and reach a large number of potential voters in the 18 to 65 years demographic.

This was a challenging Digital Marketing campaign. But with proper planning and by employing tried and tested strategies, we managed to exceed our client’s expectations and achieve spectacular results.


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Clixpert's online Election Campaign was a roaring success.




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