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SYDNEY, March 2, 2020—Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association (AOMBCA) announced today that it has donated to support Wuhan’s Leishenshan Hospital in Hubei Province, China on February 21. The relief donation of medical equipment includes medical goggles and masks worth tens of thousands of Australian dollars. These medical supplies are sourced across Australia and from the United States and will be directly shipped to Wuhan in the coming few days to support local frontline medical workers.

The coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan has touched the hearts of many overseas Chinese community members. Though in Australia, AOMBCA’s chairman Richard Lu JP cares about the situation in the Motherland, and swiftly purchases medical supplies in bulk from Australia and the United States when learning the news of shortage of medical supplies in major hospitals in Wuhan. The first batch of supplies will be sent to Leishenshan Hospital in the coming days to ease the pressing need of the front line medical workers.

Mr Lu said, “As a leader of overseas Chinese community, when the Motherland is in urgent need, we should make every effort to support and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. I wish the Motherland will get through the difficulties soon. Wuhan, fight on!"

Over the years, AOMBCA has organised several charitable activities to improve the wellbeing of community members. It has also actively participated in global disaster relief programs, including China’s Sichuan earthquake, bushfires in Australia, tsunami in the Philippines, and floods in Brisbane, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, by providing emergency aid and supplies. It also provided medical assistance to poor students in Tibet, China, as well as making donations to charities such as Beyond Blue, International Red Cross, Lions Clubs International, the Chinese Parents Association-Children with Disabilities Inc., Elderly Australian Chinese Homes, Lewisham Nursing Home, etc. 

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Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association (AOMBCA) was founded in May 2014. It has been registered with the Australian government and is required by law to maintain transparent, correct, and complete financial records. AOMBCA, under the guidance of its Chairman Richard Lu, is devoted to promoting Buddhism and traditional Chinese culture, helping to restore the peaceful state of mind for modern people, and improving their mental wellbeing. It also fundraises for adults and children with disabilities and organizing charitable events to support disaster relief efforts around the world. Guided by the core values of kindness and compassion, AOMBCA aims to improve the welfare of the elderly and children and reaches out to those disadvantaged in our society. By engaging itself in charitable events and the spread of Buddhism, it aims to play its part in the peaceful development of the world. For more information, please visit

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