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Over 7 billion Facebook Messenger conversations per day, 41 million GIFs sent every hour, 200,000 SMS sent each second, yet we continue to have difficulty deciphering tone and intent in digital communication.

Established in Adelaide, Australia, Pitter Pattr is the world's first sound platform allowing users to share their favourite sound snippets through all popular digital messaging platforms.

The Pitter Pattr platform is built up from ‘Snippets’, an innovative short-sound format that is virtually limitless. Snippets consist of popular catchphrases, movie quotes, sound artists and a huge library of user-generated content.

User-generated sound snippets can be accessed by other users and followers across the globe, with a complete analytics dashboard allowing you to track the popularity, usage, and reach of the sound snippets you create. 

Pitter Pattr was first established in June 2019 with a small team of strategists and developers working on the platform between 9-5 day jobs and university commitments. The unforeseen health pandemic of Covid-19 led to founder Patrick Payne leaving his job as a successful Product Manager at an ASX listed company MGM Wireless to focus his talents on his passion - Pitter Pattr. The unexpected change in Mr Payne's commitments led to a surge in progress and development of the platform which has seen Pitter Pattr reach a global audience and create a platform which has never been seen before.

“Our mission from day 1 was to provide people with a simple way to communicate emotions through sound using digital messaging," Mr Payne said. "We have all had an experience where our boss or a friend sent us a message, but we weren’t quite sure of the tone and sentiment the message was sent with. We solved this problem in a way that only sound could.”

Research shows that sound is stored in an individual’s memory (echoic memory) longer than a visual representation (iconic memory). A basic example of this can be understood when asking someone to tell you the last McDonald's commercial they remember watching, chances are they won't be able to recall the visual, however, when asked the catch-phrase that McDonald’s use, a majority of the time they will recall 'I'm loving it'. The basis of these studies proves that with a growing user base and continued development, Pitter Pattr will emerge as a huge opportunity for brands and advertisers to leverage the new platform and format of communication in their marketing and growth strategy.

“We recently brought on extra development resources to fast track certain functionalities including a social network, notifications and integrations with TikTok and Soundcloud along with the release of an iOS keyboard app, which will further integrate Pitter Pattr in mobile devices around the globe,” Mr Payne said.

With an end-to-end integration with all popular messaging applications and an integrated keyboard application for IOS and Android, it is anticipated that Pitter Pattr will be globally adopted in everyday digital messaging.

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Sound is not the future - Sound is now - if you are someone who believes that sound can evoke emotion - who believes that sounds can make you sad - who believes that sounds can make you happy - sounds can motivate you - to do incredible things - then we have a platform for you.

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