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The urgency grows for raising Newstart – limited resources undermining progress

BPW Australia (the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women) continues to support the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) “Raise the Rate” national campaign. The campaign has growing support from a number of Ministers in Federal Parliament urging the Morrison Government to immediately lift the single rate of Newstart, Youth Allowance and other related payments by minimum of $95 per week.

Previous campaigning was for an increase of at a minimum $75 per week , however as we face into the impact of devasting drought , recent data released by Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown an increase in the cost of fresh produce , meat and petrol prices. The current allowance of $40 a day is too low to give people the support they need to get through tough times and into suitable work. Most people receiving Newstart live below the poverty line and are skipping meals and missing medication.

 “Newstart’s purpose, to assist people back into work, is being undermined by the limited resources people on Newstart have. If we as a country wish to encourage everybody to undertake meaningful work, we should endeavour to provide a benefit program that supports this”, Jacqueline Graham, BPW Australia President said.

The Australian Council of Social Service is a national advocate for action to reduce poverty and inequality and the peak body for the community services sector in Australia.  BPW Australia welcomes ACOSS recent budget submission with strong message for Government to ”step up and bolster growth” as our communities deal with drought and bushfires.

 “More than 100,000 parents’ on Newstart are single women who are being disproportionately impacted by the level of Newstart payments. The difficulty in entering the world of work impacts these women at the moment of their greatest need and continues to impact through their prime working lives, with concomitant effects on the broader economy and continued dependence on assistance. Just as single mother of 3 boys, Juanita, is experiencing with her story on the campaign page” Jacqueline said.

“For over 70 years, BPW Australia has supported, encouraged and educated women and girls by succeeding in our lobbying efforts to influence local and national governments to address women’s issues. BPW Australia advocates for women at work, women who have worked and for women that  want to work. With over 75% of our membership in Regional Australia, the work of ACOSS highlights the necessary economic & well-being boost our society needs,” Jacqueline said.

To find out more and take action go to https://www.acoss.org.au/

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