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Thursday 13th February, 2020  - Blockchain Australia Solutions

A blockchain conference held in Canberra last year has delivered a clear strategy for Australia and its plans to seize the opportunities offered by blockchain technologies. 


The official release of the National Blockchain Roadmap, an outline of the next five years containing signposts of development in the use of blockchain technologies. It shows the steps the government plans to take to encourage an increase in blockchain education, training programs and additional support for blockchain-based startups. 


The Hon. Karen Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, said the roadmap was an important step in helping to improve the nation’s productivity:


“The Morrison Government has worked collaboratively with industry and researchers on this roadmap, which outlines what we can do together over the next five years to deliver benefits for our nation from blockchain technologies.

“This report follows my recent national blockchain roadmap was help in Canberra and further demonstrates concrete actions this Government is taking towards our goal for Australia to be a leading digital economy by 2030.”

As a national blockchain leader and early adopter of the technology, Blockchain Australia Solutions attended the conference. The founder, Ralph Kalsi, was pleased with the outcome, saying it was exactly what he wanted for the blockchain industry:


“The release of the National Blockchain Roadmap is hugely positive for the blockchain community. The federal government has proposed to increase its spending in the industry over the next five years, which means more budget is available for blockchain projects. 


This will give relevant businesses more opportunities to explore the benefits of the technology and we predict it will generate added business value across a range of sectors.” 


As an end-to-end blockchain consulting and technology company, Blockchain Australia Solutions is thrilled to see steps being taken to lead blockchain into mainstream business processes. The roadmap currently focuses on the core industries of government, universities and industry, but also covers the use of blockchain in tracking products along the supply chain, checking credentials and transferring customer information in the finance industry.


We’re excited to see what the next few years hold for Australia’s economy as we progress towards a blockchain-empowered future Read more



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