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With their chunky, tactile shapes and deeply saturated colours, Plasto toys are irresistible to kids and unbreakable as they are flexible. Trucks and dozers, boats and buckets, water games and watering cans are all perfect for sandpit and outdoor play. While assorted dinnerware sets ensure hours of kitchen fun.

Created in Finland to the highest European standards, Plasto toys are aimed at children aged one to six years, providing them countless hours of pleasure and learning through play. Plasto prides itself on the durability of its toys, which are manufactured with kids in mind – think few moving parts, thick resins (which are approved for food industry use), no sharp edges, and colourfastness to ensure their joy doesn’t fade.

Parents can breathe easy when their children play with Plasto toys. Resins are stringently tested and CE approved; colours used contain no lead, cadmium or other hazardous materials. Plasto toys can last for generations, as there is no planned obsolescence, but they are also recyclable, making them environmentally responsible.

Plasto’s eco credentials extend beyond the products they make to how those products are created. Founded in 1954, the company strives for an eco-responsible approach, right down to the fact that the factory itself is heated using the warm water that is generated during production. Toys are not battery operated, meaning there are none to discard to landfill.

Plasto only uses virgin plastic so they know its source and any recycling that is undertaken is using Plasto plastic so they know exactly how many times it has been recycled - as plastic can only be recycled 20 times to primary quality. All recycled plastic is used within the vehicles’ wheels.

All Plasto toys have earned the right to use the Finnish Key Flag, a mark of excellence granted only to quality Finnish products.

If you want a toy that lasts but that is still good for the environment, then you want Plasto.

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Since 2004, Axis Toys has specialised in distributing quality imports for Australia and New Zealand within the toy, gift and lifestyle markets sourced locally and from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland Spain and China. Our quality product range is primarily niche oriented - each product bringing a very strong point of difference to its category. All our suppliers’ products conform to the latest safety standards and we are able to supply disclaimers for each supplier to verify this fact.

Axis Toys is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for DoodleArt, Goetz, Lundby, Micki, Miniland, PlayBox, Plasto, Cayro, Wooden Story, Little + Sleepy and Goldfish Gifts. They are also the developers of the new ColourAway and Scribbla brands. They are the exclusive distributor for WWF in Australia and the agent for Steiff Bears in Australia and New Zealand. Axis Toys is a member of the Australian Toy Association.

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