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Ponderings Magazine releases revolutionary new application for like-minded “Ponderers”. 


Trying to navigate an endless whirlpool of social media fodder and negativity online can be draining and science tells us; damaging. So for Ponderings Magazine founder Kirsten Macdonald, rewarding readers by creating a positive, information rich and emotionally intelligent oasis online was a resounding decision. 


The internet is a place people got to for information, respite, escapism and enhancement of function in life tasks. Yet, for many in the endless stream of content and exposure to negativity is leaving people more despondent than before. 


A study found that people using social media the most regularly were around 2.7 times more likely to be depressed. These statistics highlights the magnitude of harm that relying on the internet for news and entertainment can have on emotional wellbeing. 


“Much of the internet is based on attention economy, an internet shaped around the demands of an advertising hunger. I wanted to create a new space, reverse engineered to capture the requests from people in the purest form of human connection. Advertisers are welcome, but in a ‘maker creator to person -integrative power approach.’ Building each component around the interests of our readers rather than trying to grow a monolithic app was our strategy. Money is not our end game, and this has power in it.” 


“We have built an App / Social Platform hybrid that does the work for those seeking a positive, safe space, that is real and emotionally intelligent while helping you laugh and reflect. We call it a feast for the heart and mind, and it’s troll free!” says Kirsten.


"So many social media platforms struggle now to backstep from the monolithic platforms riddled with trolls and anonymous negativity. We have done the reverse, building the community based on a niche demographic and then having the subscription model helps to weed out the negative." 


Ponderings welcomes any paid subscriber into this space and donates $2 from every paid Subscription to Vision Australia, an organisation close to the Ponderings team hearts. 


Kirsten Macdonald, the editor of Ponderings says the Progressive Web Technology is the way of the future for applications. Ponderers can access the APP from any device and add it to their existing devices via a link and login. The app does not require an Apple Itunes or Google Play Account, another bonus for accessibility and it can hold more information, less bugs and a quicker loading speed.  


A new paradigm in digital media communications, Pondering is more than a magazine; it is an human connection ecosystem, an oasis unlike anything else out there. 





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Ponderings Magazine releases revolutionary new application for like-minded “Ponderers”, emotionally intelligent content to reverse engineer social media experiences.




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