Sunday, January 12th, 2020 - Operation Angel

Experienced, respected and expert in delivering targeted humanitarian relief at times of National Disaster and Emergency, and with a track record internationally, Operation Angel has again swung into action with a Community based (and very focused) response to the National Bushfire Emergency gripping our nation.

Our first Operation Angel experts deployed to East Gippsland on 31 December, 2019, providing high level advice to emergency workers and running distribution centres with local shires.

Our core focus is the provision of humanitarian relief packs with a hygiene focus. Foundation genesis partner was Johnson & Johnson in 1997 and Moxie in 2011. Since the recent crisis, Sudocreme, Dermal Therapy, Officeworks, Rotary Clubs Victoria, Bailey Nelson and L’occitane have all come onboard with practical supplies of donations for FIREFIGHTERS.

Following a targeted social media campaign, unprecedented material support has poured in from the public want to assist our brave but exhausted Firefighters.  People who have first donated to the wonderful relief funds still feel that is not enough and want to do more practical things.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life have travelled to Brighton to pack Humanitarian comfort kits – since Monday, 6 January, Operation Angel has quality controlled, safety checked, removed excess wrapping and packed over 7,100 individual firefighter kits for members of strike teams to help with fatigue (including eye drops and essentials), included in each pack is a piece of metal cutlery and a can of tuna for hunger top ups.

Overlay provided of packing operation at centre & inserts to humanitarian packs, on request.

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1. Small Shampoo (Hotel size are acceptable)
2. Toothbrush & toothpaste.
3. Small soap
4. Small Deodorant
5. Comb
7. Tampons & sanitary napkins (add to Female firefighter kits)
8. Hair elastics
9.   Eye Drops (their vision suffers from grit and smoke etc
10. Clean face washer (water is limited & from experience we know firefighters want to scrape grime off their faces - we are avoiding disposables at this point due to adding fuel to fires literally)

11. Clean hand towel (at a pinch, they are enough to dry off body after a quick shower)
12. Disposable razor
13. Metal spoons and forks. (Firefighters have noted that they can't eat on the go without implements!!!)
14. Small Can of Tuna - (a small tuna tin may be stored in a pocket and scoffed in the fire truck)
15.  Small chocolates or sweets *must be in wrappers*.
16.   A personal thank you note to a firefighter in

*COME ON, BE AN ANGEL........*

Providing Humanitarian Aid since 1997

Facebook @Operation Angel    Instagram  @Operation_Angel    #operationangel

Providing Humanitarian Aid since 1997

Facebook @Operation Angel    Instagram  @Operation_Angel    #operationangel


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Operation Angel swings into action, providing humanitarian relief packs with a hygiene focus for firefighters



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