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For Release: 4th December 2015, Australia

A simple way to help prevent Cyber Bullying : Through music

“Stop.Listen&Love” a by song Australian Alt Rock Trio The Naddiks raises awareness of bullying.

Cyber Bullying is a worldwide epidemic that many try to sweep under the rug.  3000 suicides are reported each day world wide, one every 40 seconds, they have increased by 60% in the past 45 years! 42% of teenagers with tech access report being cyberbullied in 2014. Australian alt rock band The Naddiks are about to release their new song “Stop.Listen&Love” that tackles the emotion charged subject heads on.

At its best music can truly make a difference, while still being entertaining.  And when it comes to touching sensitive social issues, there's probably no better way to reach youth in a way just not possible otherwise.  Few understand this better than Australian alt rock trio The Naddiks.  Recently, the group announced the release of their new single “Stop.Listen.Love”, dedicated to raising awareness of bullying and discouraging other damaging, anti-social behavior.

“Knowing people who have been bullied and how hurtful and damaging its effects can be, we had to try to do something to open eyes on the subject,”  commented Joel Steenbergen from the band.  “Even if it helps one person stop bullying or helps one kid stop being bullied then the past 12 months spent writing, recording, mixing and mastering the song will have been more than worth it.  The song is about a young boy being bullied who feels like he just can't take it anymore...   I think reading the lyrics to 'Stop.Listen.Love' will show just how strongly we feel about this issue and how bullying really endangers lives.” “Indeed, it is taking lives, every single day!’

According to studies, bullying and stalking have become much more prevalent in the age of social media and “ever connectedness”.  With The Naddiks being a band who have earned a good deal of their popularity online, and seen the good the internet can do as well as the harm… they were ‘driven’ to take a stand and to try make a difference.

Joel continued, “The internet is a powerful force.  We're hoping our music can help people think about not using that force to harm.  The world needs more love, not hate.”

The Naddiks style is heavily influenced by punk rock and rock and roll greats, filtered through their own experiences and delivered with a raw energy that avoids the sins of overproduction and too much technicality.  Steadily building a dedicated fan base in their native Australia and beyond, their live shows in particular always create a buzz.  Many music journalists are certainly taking a keen interest in them.

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