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It’s that time of year when millions of us are thinking about becoming fitter and healthier, but New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep. According to Perth based Fitness Nutritionist and owner of Happy Healthy Jessica Lowe, it’s all about keeping good nutrition simple and making sure people can get all of their required nutrients into their diet with ease. It is about making healthy choices fun, rather than a chore - and she’s discovered an exciting way to do it.

As the founder and director of Happy Healthy, Jessica is an expert in helping people discover healthy eating solutions that work for them. The qualified and experienced coach specialises in body composition coaching, offering bespoke nutrition solutions that fit around each client’s individual body type, goals and lifestyle. This typically involves a combination of weight loss programs, mindset coaching, motivational seminars and her successful on-line Dinner Club, but alongside the traditional advice like eating wholefoods, getting enough protein and changing how people think about food, this year Jessica is championing a surprising new nutrient-dense ingredient: crickets.

The many health benefits of eating insects have been well known in Asia for thousands of years, but the rest of the world is only just starting to catch on. Health experts all around the globe are now discovering this nutritional powerhouse, which provides gram for gram more protein than beef, more omega fatty acids than salmon, or vitamins, minerals, calcium and potassium than other better-known ingredients such as leafy green veg and bananas.



Always keen to try the latest health fads to see if they’re really worth the hype, Jessica partnered with health food company Hoppa to see for herself - and after doing some recipe testing, she was amazed by the results.  Hoppa is becoming a big name in insect-based superfoods, with a range of products including protein powders, baking flour and pasta -  all made from powdered crickets. Because the ingredients are ground and powdered, any squeamishness about eating insects is eliminated, leaving the consumer to enjoy all of the health benefits with none of the ick factor. Crickets also have a surprisingly delicate, nutty taste, which works perfectly in pasta, shakes and baked goods.

Another thing that has impressed Jessica is that eating crickets is great for the planet, too. Crickets need far less food, water, space and time than traditional livestock; meaning far less waste and a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. And even though crickets are not classed as sentient beings, Hoppa go above and beyond to keep their welfare a priority through every stage of their lifecycle. All these factors combine to make a more sustainable, kinder and thoughtful way to give our bodies the protein and goodness we need to build lean muscle mass, repair cells and thrive.

Jessica said, “I’m a firm believer in empowering people to make positive, clean, healthy food choices that make them feel energised and good about themselves. Living a healthy and happy lifestyle should be easy and fun. By introducing crickets to people's diets it is an exciting way to eat well, hit your daily protein macronutrient target all whilst caring for the environment.”

Jessica can be contacted at or you can find out more about Happy Healthy Nutrition at

To find out more about Hoppa and its range of cricket-based superfoods, visit

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