Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 - Education Elevators

Education Elevators are bringing the world's best educators together in the Latrobe Valley, Australia in July, 2020. 

With a theme of Create, Innovate, Educate we believe that preparing students for the future is vital for their development in life.

At our host venue Federation University, Gippsland over four explosive days of learning and one cultural day, participants can engage with hands on workshop sessions, keynote presentations and panel discussions. Focus areas will be Digital Technology, Creativity, Innovation in the Classroom, Global Connections and Collaboration and Research.

The Summit will hold several layers. Not only will there be conference like sessions we are also offering a 2.5 day Youth Entrepreneurial Bootcamp and over two days the Ariel Foundation International will host a Children's and Youth SDG Summit which will include community service for all participants.

As the founder of Education Elevators and a local Traralgon girl I believe we live in a world where education depicts the future of its successors. As educators, teaching allows us to change the lives of children, to make them worthy citizens; show them how to be empathetic and to prepare them for the future.

There is a big world just waiting to be explored. If educators don’t innovate the curriculum and integrate the world into their classrooms, some children will never, ever know there is actually a world out there that they can be part of.

Active hands on learning that aligns with any curriculum. Education Elevators create a pathway for students to achieve success through quality education, to overcome adversity and obstacles to reach real life goals. That’s what we hope OGC2020 will bring to its participants.

Through my world I believe I can build connected educators who teach the curriculum in a broader, global and sustainable way.

Education Elevators celebrate educators everywhere everyday.

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Education Elevators

Education Elevators work to connect all classrooms to the world by educating educators.

Specialising in curriculum innovation, critical and creative thinking and future learning techniques. Any where in the world, our team will come to you to support technology integration and the implementation of the UN Sustainable Goals into your schools and classrooms.

In addition to teaching and consulting we use the connection of social media to mentor and globalise teachers and classrooms internationally. Education Elevators is the host of Global Summits in Education around the world, specialising in update topics in the changing world of education.

Education Elevators wasd founded to educate educators on student lead learning, inquiry strategies and the importance of student voice, while providing pathways and forums for students to amplify their voices on the big issues affecting the world. It is our belief that every classroom should be working towards achieving the UN Sustainable Global Goals by 2030.

Together is better than doing it alone!


Bronwyn Joyce
P: Host of OGC2020 - Global Summit for Education
M: 0491107246


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