Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 - Jacqui and John Nolan-Neylan Cofounders of Revvies Energy Strips


For Immediate Release - 1st January 2020


With the start of a new year many of us think about pursuing our dreams, but how many of us would we be prepared to sell our home to do so? Sydney couple, Jacqui and John Nolan-Neylan did exactly this to fund their dream of launching their own sports nutrition product, Revvies Energy Strips and their gamble seems to be paying off.

“When we started Revvies and sold our house many of our family and friends thought we were mad, but now when we tell them our product is used by elite athletes like Aussie dual Olympian Eloise Wellings and UK’s number one marathoner, Charlotte Purdue, and by more than 30 professional sports clubs, and is stocked by major retailers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, they are like maybe John and Jacqui aren’t as mad as we thought,” explained Jacqui Nolan-Neylan.

“It has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling journey but building the business whilst juggling the demands of two young children and being a husband and wife team has had its challenges too,” added John Nolan-Neylan. “Giving up the security of owning our home and two secure jobs has increased our stress levels, and because we have quite different approaches, we have needed to learn to work together. We have now found the right rhythm, and I think we make a stronger team because of our differences.”

“Trying to get the work vs family life balance right has also been a challenge, but since we stopped trying to fit work neatly into a 9-5 day, and have taken advantage of the flexibility that working for yourself provides, we have been able to just about get the balance of work, family and life right. We still have to find 50­ plus hours each per week, but by being flexible about when these happen, it has been easier and much more enjoyable,” he continued.

Would they recommend selling to others? “Of course, you only get one shot at life, so you have to go for it. But people need to be realistic and make sure they have the skills to pull it off. Before selling our house and starting Revvies we had both worked in start-ups and helped them grow into very successful businesses, so doing it for ourselves was not such a huge jump,” Ms Nolan-Neylan responded.

And what’s their number one tip for would-be entrepreneurs? “Make sure you have enough money. We’d also recommend using crowdfunding to secure part of it, because it will help validate your business model and attract supporters to your business. When we because the first Australian company to successfully close a crowdfunding campaign in March 2018, this not only provided us with the extra funds we needed to continue expanding, it also attracted over 260 investors who are now some of our most valuable brand champions,” Ms Nolan-Neylan finished.

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Jacqui and John Nolan-Neylan Cofounders of Revvies Energy Strips

Revvies Energy Strips is an innovative Australian Sports Nutrition business founded by Jacqui and John Nolan-Neylan.
Revvies are stocked in Chemist Warehouse, Australia's largest pharmacy group, Rebel Sport NZ, New Zealand's largest sports retailer and Wiggle CRC Europe's largest sports e-tailer. 

John Nolan-Neylan
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