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After the successful launch of its first product, Curavita Green Boost  on the Australia market, small family Adelaide Hills business Curavita has recently released its second product, Curavita Organic Hemp Protein powder.

After careful and exhaustive research of the Australian market, Curavita made the decision to launch a hemp protein powder as its second product. The well known health benefits of hemp protein powder, along with the demand for alternatives to whey and animal protein, hemp was the obvious choice.

Hemp As A Food Source Becomes Legal In Australia

Brand owner Jono Farrington said:

in 2017 hemp seeds, powder and oils were made legal in Australia, as long as the product is below the required threshold of 0.3% THC content. This has opened up the market for the high quality and significant benefits that hemp protein powders can provide. The increased awareness of hemp and it's many uses, ensures it will continue to be an exciting market in the future.

What Is Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is produced from hemp seeds, after removal of the oil component and then drying the meal and processing into powdered form. The known health benefits include include:

  • Great source of soluble and insoluble nutrition;
  • Protein content of only 50%, so it is much easier to digest than many other sources of protein;
  • No additives are involved in the process of making hemp, and therefore is a more natural food source in your diet;
  • Contains all essential amino acid and contains unsaturated fats, which makes it a great candidate for improved heart health;
  • Studies have suggested that the essential amino acids, essential omega 3 and essential omega 6, are in the complete optimum ratios for human consumption;

It is also 100% vegan, making it a great alterantive to whey protein and animal protein products.

Customers currently are using the prodcut not only in smooothies, but also in dishes such as salads and curries, and also using it in baking.

Curavita Wellness Blog

Along with the relase of the hemp protein powder, the team at Curavita have also recently launched a new blog to provide information and updates on living a healthier and happier life, along with plans to introduce expert guest articles from industry experts and journalists in the future.

Future Plans

At this stage the business plans to only sell Curavita Hemp Protein on it's Curavita online store. Options include auto ship where the customer can subscribe and have thier hemp protein delivered monthly automatically. The product will also be listed on Curavita's Amazon Storefront.

Currently R&D is also in place for further new products including a a superfood coffee range, tumeric latte and other plabnt based protein powders. The business also hopes to expand into the bricks and mortar retail market and is currently actively sourcing retailers.

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Curavita is an Australian owned family business based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. It creates and sells super green powder and other health products on it's online store and partner websites. 

Jono Farrington
P: 08 6117 8197


Adelaide Hills Business Curavita Release New Hemp Protein Powder Product To The Australian Market




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