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Choosi conducted a survey that shows that 7 in 10 Australians worry about a break in and 8 out of 10 parents worry about home security.

Natasha Morgan, Home Security Expert & Founder of My Home Watch shares her insights into how to protect your home these coming holidays, so you don't become a victim!

Choosi Home Fears Report

 • Australians spend an estimated $9.16 billion on Christmas gifts every year. This equates to $468 on average per Australian for Christmas gifts, and Aussies receive an estimated $7 billion in Christmas gifts from friends and family each year

. • Four in five (81.5%) Aussies believe they are a greater risk of a break-in during Christmas and New Year period, and three quarters agree that others underestimate the risk of break-ins during the festive period (75.7%)

. • The research shows close to half (47.2%) of Aussies are more concerned about the security of their home and possessions during Christmas/New Year period, yet the vast majority of Australians (70.0%) do not typically ‘protect’ Christmas gifts they receive from damage or theft. This is concerning considering more than seven in ten people surveyed admitted their home will be unoccupied over the festive season (72.2%)

. • Social media may also be putting Australians at greater risk for theft, with the vast majority agreeing people put themselves at greater risk of break-ins when they post about their holidays on social media (83.5%), and a third (33.5%) worry about posting images of their Christmas gifts on social media

. • Three quarters of Aussies believe the Christmas/New Year period is the peak time for break-ins (76.8%). • Three in five believe Australians are not doing enough to manage the risk of        breakins during the Christmas/New Year period (60.2%).

• Aussies receive an estimated $336 on average in Christmas gifts from friends and family each year

.• Despite the growing concern, more than a quarter of Aussies (26.3%) still post pictures and/or videos of their Christmas gifts on their social media accounts.

• Two in five (40.1%) take extra precautions to protect their home and possessions during Christmas/New Year aside from the physical barriers and/or home security devices

.• The large majority (74.1%) are concerned about the security of their own home and possessions while their neighbours rent out their property during this period.

5 Home Security Hacks to protect your home at Christmas time

 1. All locked up Police suggest many opportunistic thieves take advantage of unlocked homes.

Even if you are going out for a short time, lock-up your house and windows. Locksmiths can provide advice on appropriate door and window locks, and key all the windows to a single key. Also, ask your electricity supplier about locks for your power supply to prevent tampering, and keep your car locked at all times. We often here stories where for instance, an electronic garage door opener was stolen from a car, later used to burgle the owner's property.

2. Self-monitoring security systems According to the Choosi Home Fears research report. Aussies are spending $5.1 billion to protect homes from break-ins.

So, it’s never been a better or more affordable time than now, to invest in a home security system. Adding that layer of defence to your home with an alarm system will give you peace of mind all year round. A barking dog can also provide effective security for your home. Even installing a "Beware of the dog" sign can make thieves pause before targeting your home. Better still if your dog is happy to be at home with other pets during the holidays, use My Home Watch’s in-home pet visit service. Your pets are great added home security.

3. Security doesn't take a holiday Keeping your travel plans quiet and making your home looked lived in while your away is the key to a happy holiday.

Use a service like My Home Watch to collect your mail and to stop junk mail from building up in your letterbox, organise someone to mow your lawns and water your gardens, making sure your home is checked on and looking lived in while you're away from home. Other measures could include internal lights or a radio set on timers. Be sure to keep your travel plans off your social media networks. Never post where you are going, when you are leaving, or when you will be back. This is prime information for a thief because he will know when your house will be empty. Even if you have the highest level of security on your Facebook or social accounts, posting this personal information is never recommended.

4. Guard your keys Most people know not to hide keys somewhere about the house but are you also aware that lending your keys to tradespeople and acquaintances can pose a risk?

Keys are easily copied and can provide burglars with fast, no-fuss access to your belongings. Keeping keys secure and being vigilant with them all year round is important, if you lose a set, don’t just think I must have missed placed them, really consider getting your locks changed for extra safety.

5. Don't advertise valuables Removing valuables from plain site is always a good idea.

Break up packaging for expensive new gear before tucking it into the bin or recycling. Also, take a look at your house from the outside. With most thieves looking for cash, even a wallet or iPod left on your hall table can make your home a target. Speaking of valuables, think about making an inventory of your belongings with photos to have at hand in case of a break-in.


About My Home Watch:

Services which included interior and exterior home checks, mail collection, bin services, garden and indoor plant watering and much more can be booked in under 24hrs notice, is putting smiles on travellers, and their minds at ease. The company has just announced the launch of their own app, a software that enables their customers to receive property and pet updates from their local service provider, 24/7, anytime, anywhere, in the world. Resulting in their customers having complete ‘Peace of mind’ as to how their homes security and pets are going. All services are GPS logged at the time it’s been conducted, for peace of mind of our customers that their property has been checked. Natasha Morgan, founder and CEO of My Home Watch says “The vision for the App is that we believe a happy customer is an informed one! Too often when companies search for a software, they forget the interface with the customer. Your customer is the most important part of your business. Why not keep them informed and offer them the satisfaction of knowing everything is ok?” We are a company built on trust and reliability so being completely transparency with our customers is key, after all we are caring for what matter to them the most!” Once a service is completed an automatically generated email with photos gets sent to the customer and to our service provider.” Making for a great customer experience.

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Don't become a victim of a home break in this Christmas! Founder & CEO of My Home Watch shares her tips for protecting and caring for your home and pets at Christmas!




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