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It is expected that Apple will release the new iPhone 12 this 2020 and iPhone fanatics are keen to see the changes and massive upgrade it should bring after the iPhone 11 range. The latest Apple smartphone brought modest updates than the iPhone users were expecting—more battery power and more cameras.

This could be the primary reason for the information leaks of a much-improved smartphone from Apple, and the iPhone 12 release date is much more anticipated at the start of the new decade.


The new Apple smartphone in 2020 can possibly feature 5G support, a supercharged screen, new cameras, and a new design—if these are all achieved, iPhone 12 will bring a massive upgrade that every iPhone tech-savvy will rejoice for. Let’s break down each info we have so far: 

The iPhone 12 Release Date 

Apple has not announced any official iPhone 12 release date yet. Still, the leaked information is set in the second week of September 2020—Apple almost always releases new iPhone series in the second week of the release month. 

So, we can expect the unveiling of the new iPhone 12 on September 8 to 15, 2020. Plus, you may be able to pick it up after ten days. 

The iPhone 12 Price 

The base model for the iPhone 12 price might be at US$700—a tad bit higher than its predecessor because the materials cost for the new iPhone range is expected to go up. Therefore, buyers can expect higher prices at retail stores. 

The iPhone 12 New Design

The new design may not include the notch as Apple is expected to bring massive changes on the screen and design for the iPhone 12 range. So, users may find the front camera embedded below the screen. 

However, another information is going around that Apple might still include the notch but potentially slimmer because they are developing the new Face ID technology. 

Plus, other tech analysts say that we might also see an iPhone 12 with a metal frame similar to the iPhone 4, rejecting the curved designs seen on the latest models but featuring substantially different features than the current models such as, finally switching to the USB connector, adding a time-of-flight sensor, support for 5G in all series, adding telephoto lens on the budget flagship series of the iPhone 12, and an in-screen fingerprint scanner (if Apple chooses not to proceed with the Face ID tech). 

This new design suggests a massive change from Apple. If all the features mentioned will be realised, or at least half of it, the iPhone 12 might be held as the phone of the new decade.


The iPhone 12 New Display 

In 2020, Apple iPhones might have the 120Hz display—a big step from the current 60Hz on the latest models. So, the new iPhone may bring smoother interactions. In fact, some Apple gadgets have already exceeded the 60Hz refresh rates—a promising sign for iPhone 12. 

The screen may change in size, too. Tech analysts see that the iPhone 12 Pro will feature a 5.45-inch display, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max will boast a 6.7-inch screen. However, they say that the standard iPhone 12 will still have a 6.1-inch screen but will change from LCD to OLED—a decent screen display upgrade. 

The iPhone 12 New Camera

The new iPhone anticipated this 2020 might have a significant camera upgrade which will include a 3D laser-powered camera that will be placed on the back of the iPhone 12. Plus, it may also include a depth-sensing snapper. 

The iPhone 12 Specifications

Besides from embedding the 5G technology for the iPhone models, Apple is also expected to include a 5nm A14 Bionic processor in the iPhone 12 series. The processor promises more power and longer battery life—a much-needed specs upgrade. 

Plus, the Random Access Memory (RAM) might increase from 4GB to 6GB in iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models. However, the standard iPhone 12 might still stay at 4 GB RAM. 


Regardless of what analysts say or what leaked information from Apple that people get, iPhone users and fanatics alike are expecting to see exciting new features, new design, a higher refresh rate, increased battery boost, a 5G support, and an increase in iPhone data backup

Also, if you already have a damaged iPhone and you can’t afford to buy any new model yet, we suggest tapping the iPhone repairs experts.

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