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From 'Hell to Healer'

How a woman who used to describe herself as a “Walking bag of contradictions” transformed her life, and in the process developed a simple way for others to learn to heal themselves.

December 2019 book release of ‘Change Makers – 20 transformational stories from women making an impact in the lives of others’


With no shortage of inspirational tales gracing the social media pages, reality TV, self-help books and numerous life coaching programs promising life changing methods, it’s hard to know where to turn for truly authentic and practical inspiration.

Change Maker Press has curated 20 transformational stories from women – one of who is Kemina Fulwood.

“I have always had a relentless drive to succeed; and yet I also had a debilitating lack of self-worth and countless insecurities” says Kemina as she begins her personal story.

The scene is set as we learn of trauma, abuse, miscarriage, date rape, bullying, a narcissistic ex-boyfriend, neglect, rejection and a long, long list of really bad decisions.

“I fell into a deep depression, where I stayed for years. My fighting spirit never left me. But I was sick of fighting” says Kemina.

When a friend pestered her to attend the ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Festival’ in Brisbane, Kemina agreed (albeit under duress), she found herself at a Kinesiologist College stand. signing up for a 20-minute healing session she walked away shocked at what the practitioner could discover by just ‘testing’ her muscles. I also walked away with a business card.

“That night I felt that a weight had lifted off me for the first time in years. I knew from that moment I needed to learn about Kinesiology. I had no idea why or what it was, but it didn’t matter” says Kemina.

And so began the ride on the ‘energetic rollercoaster’- where readers gain an understanding of the early years of Kemina’s transformation.

“When you start to cross over into awareness and mindful living you find you have to balance the line between owning your story and having your story own you” says Kemina.

With absolute honesty and transparency, Kemina recounts her journey with the same direct, no fuss approach she applies to her life now. It’s so refreshing to read a relatable story, because you know it’s heartfelt and real.

Her decision to forge a new career in Kinesiology was as much about self-discovery, as it was to discover how she could help others heal.

She was amazed at the dramatic improvements her clients were experiencing. “One of my client’s had life-long chronic eczema that bled. After our session she had the worst breakout of her life but two days later it was virtually gone” says Kemina.

With an omni present curiosity and thirst for knowledge, when a message from the universe was delivered, Kemina knew she had more to do. She kept returning to the idea that the world needs a new way. A technique simple enough that we can all heal ourselves. She had to share it. She was being drawn to share it.

“All around me I saw evidence that everyone has a gift and that all we each need to do is to discover and share it. Those who are called to teach must teach. Otherwise the gift is wasted” says Kemina.

She developed a simple healing method called ‘Bodyflow Energetics’ which she now teaches to students who are all achieving significant breakthroughs in their healing sessions, making life-altering shifts despite the majority never having any other healing experience.

“My life today is beyond anything I could have imagined all those years ago. I am living my path and following it where it takes me, free of fear and free of resistance”, says Kemina “and I want everyone to know, they too can experience the same satisfaction and peace in their lives’.



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