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Augustine Tours Rwanda based tour operator has opined that the luxury traveler is reshaping the tourism industry as they are looking more for authentic experiences on the history, culture, and traditions of countries they visit. 

“Most tourists traveling to Rwanda are primarily looking for a life-changing gorilla trekking experience.  On top of wildlife activity, tapping into the real local life, cultural and historical heritage is priceless.”, said Augustin Ndikuriyo, the founder of Augustine Tours.

“We have had positive reviews from our past clients particularly seniors from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.  Luxury travellers are usually aged 50+ and those are not influencer marketing-driven tourists. Their vacation planning is inspired by stories and a sentiment rooted in something authentic and unique.”, he added. 

The company claims that tourism can be a channel for socio-economic and cultural exchange through unique travel experiences and the local employment can benefit a great deal from it. This involves providing tailor-made tours that are usually designed to meet special travel wishes. Such itineraries showcase the diverse culture and wildlife which tourists can feel good about while allowing them to make contributions to the local economy.

Augustin Ndikuriyo said, “the luxury traveler demands are changing. The luxury in Rwanda goes beyond a lobby of a five-star hotel in Kigali or hypnotizing in luxurious lodges around Volcanoes National Park. Trekking gorillas in Volcanoes National Park can be the star of the Rwandan tourism arsenal, but the gorilla guardians’ village is a special treat on its own. Tourists can mingle with the locals, learn the traditional Intore dance moves.”

About Augustine Tours

Augustine Tours is a travel company designing custom made tours in East Africa for families, small groups and solo travelers. The company was founded in 2010 by Augustin Ndikuriyo a tourism entrepreneur. His unwavering belief that tourism is a great channel for both educational and cultural exchange was inspired by a quote from St. Augustine,” The World is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page”. He speaks fluent English, French, German, and Swahili. He is passionate about promoting East Africa to the world and has a wealth of local knowledge. 
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