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The stigma inducing condition of excessive sweating otherwise known as Hyperhidrosis impacts 3 in every 100 Australians says Government organisation Health Direct 


There are two types of excessive sweating:

Focal Hyperhidrosis: excessive sweating in certain areas of the body, usually the armpits, hands, feet or face.

Generalised Hyperhidrosis: excessive sweating that affects the entire body, usually due to an underlying medical problem.


Hyperhidrosis can certainly cause embarrassment and can affect the quality of life. Associated with body odour and clothing stains, wet patches and fear, the person suffering can be negatively impacted.  It is not known what causes Hyperhidrosis, although it is thought that the nerves that usually make us sweat become overactive.  


According to GP News people with Hyperhidrosis can suffer from anxiety in the workplace, particularly situations such as job interviews or meetings where they might be expected to shake hands. Their social life can also be affected, with many people feeling embarrassed by their sweating, and some people have avoided forming intimate relationships due to this. Some people have to change their clothes several times. Not pleasant at all. Many people don't realise it is a medical condition and help is at hand. 


There are several options to treat this; however at Australian Skin Face and Body Clinics, they prefer a non- surgical approach and choose to use anti-wrinkle injections. This procedure is often an effective treatment for sweaty palms, underarms, etc., often lasting up to 9 months at a time. New treatments are available all the time. Note: It is


Australian Skin Face Body is a team of specialist trained surgeons, nurses and therapists. The team provides guidance and support in choosing the surgical or non-surgical options best suited to you. They combine experience, personal attention and the most modern technology to achieve realistic results. Dr Ian Holten, Plastic Surgeon, encourages people to always see a skin care professional to ensure you are receiving the best and latest treatment for your condition.


Contact them on 1300 502 732 to find out more.

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Geelong Plastic Surgery Clinic Gives the Dry Solution For Excessive Sweating




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