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With the rise of Australian Mumpreneurs, BiaB Australia, also known as, Business In A Box, launched with Australian Mums in mind.

Founded by Queensland-based entrepreneurs, Mark Breit and Sarah Wheeler, BiaB offers turn-key Business Dealer opportunities, turning Mums into Mumpreneurs, and giving potential entrepreneurs a solid business structure with products that sell.

“We used the knowledge of experienced small business owners and their tried and tested products/services, and created a Business in a Box pack. This makes it easy to expand their reach, and for entrepreneurs to share in their success. It’s Win-Win,” said Breit.

Having recently launched in the health and wellness industry, BiaB has partnered with Herbal Teas Australia. The Melbourne-based tea company specialises in organic teas, including therapeutic and medicinal teas, which are formulated by a qualified herbalist.

Each Business Dealer package comes with everything needed to start a business, from starting stock, marketing materials, training tools and ongoing support. And unlike multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes, BiaB collects zero royalties and profit share on earnings.

“MLM and pyramid schemes are set up to almost trap people into buying, with the idea that they may become rich if they also get their friends to buy,” said Breit. “The BiaB Australia Dealer packs differ as the Dealer – potential Mumpreneurs and entrepreneurs – purchase products directly from the manufacturer at a wholesale price and then sells directly to their customer at their retail price. The dealers keep all of their earnings. There are no middlemen or multi-level pricing schemes.”

Also serving as a platform for small businesses to expand their reach both nationally and internationally, BiaB will partner with various brands in the coming future.

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